Update from Turkey, October 21, 2006

The USA teams all arrived in Turkey. I am at Ali Bey Manavgat where our men’s and women’s 60 and 70 teams and our men’s 80 and women’s 75 teams are playing.


The captains’ meetings are tomorrow between about 1 and 3 pm, and at 4pm the opening ceremonies will take place. 


The 60 women were out practicing all day today. The men’s 70s had a long afternoon practice. The men’s 60s were seen playing some singles. The women’s 75s also had dual practices, as did the men’s 80s. The women’s 70s were out twice too, so everyone is working hard to try and defend their titles, as all of these teams except for the women’s 60s are defending their 2005 titles, which they won here.


The weather was quite perfect today, warm, sunny and calm, excellent practice weather.


There will be another update tomorrow night or Monday morning after I learn the seeds and draws.



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