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  • Hola Espana

    This morning I left rainy Essen, Germany for sunny Barcelona, Spain. I flew Vueling airlines (affiliated with Iberia), a discount airline that had the best nonstop flight today to Barcelona from Dusseldorf. I think Sunday may not be a great day to fly in Germany in particular. There was one woman at the check in counter for the entire plane full of people. And the way some of the fares work, is that a cabin bag (such as a small roller bag…anything that won’t fit under the seat) has to be checked. I got there early when there were only 30 minutes of people in front of me. But the check in counter only opened a bit less than two hours before the flight was to take off. By the time I’d checked my bags, the line was several hundred feet long. On the other hand, there were few people at security, most of the TSA equivalents were standing around. The security guy though where my bags were inspected decided to check everyone’s bags for what I assume was explosive residue. I still had plenty of time though and the flight was on time. By noon I was in warm Barcelona and at my hotel by 1pm.

    Long line to check in this morning in Dusseldorf
    Plane to Barcelona is at the gate

    After checking in and organizing my stuff, I walked to the Reial Club do Polo de Barcelona to meet the Guille, the son-in-law of members of my club at home. We’d hit once before when his family visited there, and they’ve since moved back to Barcelona. We had a good hit. The tournament is using the same Wilson balls as were used at the French Open and they were good to hit with, a little less flighty than the heavy duty Wilson US Open balls used three years ago. They seemed more durable too.

    After hitting, I walked to a gas station to get more water and snacks (all other stores are closed on Sundays) and then back to the hotel.

    Avenida Diagonal, Barcelona on a quiet Sunday afternoon

    I play my first match tomorrow at 6pm.

    Draws and results are here.

  • Doubles Champions & Into Singles Final in Barcelona 

    Kerry Ballard and I are the 2016 W60 doubles champions in Barcelona, and we never had to take the court for a match!

    To recap:

    1. We entered 60 doubles
    2. We were put into the 55 doubles draw where we would have started in the quarters
    3. Next we were removed from the 55 draw and put into a 60 doubles RR with 2 Spanish teams
    4. We received a default from one team Wednesday
    5. Tonight after one of our opponents finished her 60 61 demolition of the #2 seed in 60 singles we were told we were receiving a default due to injury (which player was not specified)
    6. Therefore we won the 3-team round robin via two defaults!
    7. I play Carmen Perea, one half of the doubles team which gave us the walkover, in singles tomorrow 

    So Kerry and I both play singles finals tomorrow, and each of us has played only two matches all week!

    Heide Orth beat Sue Kimball 75 62 tonight. Ross Persons took out the top seed in men’s 60 singles, then won amen’s doubles semis, all while his potential singles opponents were battling it out. He plays the defending champion, a Spanish player, who, like Ross was unseeded.

    The Kimballs, Mos and Sue, are in the 65 mixed final tonight. (Updated: they won!)

    I won my singles today 60 60. I played the same person 4 years ago and felt I played better this time. I am ready for a tough battle tomorrow with Carmen Perea, a former pro who reached the third round of the French at one time.

    Link to draws and results