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  • Montreal!

    Au Revoir Mont Tremblant, Bon Jour Montreal. It’s about an hour and a half from Tremblant to Montreal. I passed that time listening to the audio of the women’s final from Roland Garros Radio (via ATP Tennis Radio on Tune-In). Fortunately it was over by the time I got into downtown Montreal as new cities are always tricky to navigate. But I found parking in the old town and the morning was pretty quiet.

    I walked up to Mont Royal from the Vieux Cite first, through a street fair that was all about cars and car racing. The weather was beautiful and on a Saturday everyone was out and about. Once I reached the base of the park, there are a lot of steps through the forested park (so it was shady) up to the viewing area. The view was worth the hike. Montreal is a beautiful city on the St. Lawrence River and from the top I could see the water and many bridges.

    I walked towards the old city through McGill University which has lots of old buildings in the middle of the city, but was pretty quiet on a June Saturday. I then joined Rue Catherine, which appeared to be a popular shopping street that eventually turned into a pedestrian mall.

    I walked through Chinatown next, which, though not very big, had a lot of restaurants. Duck seemed to be a popular option.

    The old town was packed by mid afternoon. There were more street fairs and down by the river the vibe was similar to a fair. There’s a big Ferris wheel, there was music, tons of booths selling food etc., a zip line and more. And everywhere there was ice cream and poutine (fried potatoes topped with cheese curd and gravy and sometimes other things such as beef stew (I saw this one at a food truck). There’s a big cathedral in the center of old town which is lovely.

    And with that I bid adieu to Canada for this time. It’s been great.

  • Toronto, Canada

    I’m in Toronto this weekend visiting a friend, Erin Boynton and practicing for my first singles tournament in a while, an ITF tournament in Mt. Tremblant, about 90 minutes outside of Montreal.

    I arrived Thursday and it was warm, wet (rainy) and muggy. Erin and I practiced Friday and then I joined her tennis team practice which was fun, at the Cricket Club. While we ate lunch we were able to watch a cricket match. The club also has squash, lawn bowling, swimming, a gym, curling and an Olympic level ice skating program. After practicing we had a nice walk in the Evergreen Brickworks with Erin’s dogs Olive & Ruby, who are an energetic duo.

    Saturday we practiced again, then Erin, her daughter Hannah and I went downtown to see the University area and the City Hall. The city is really green.

    Today Erin & I went to Niagara Falls. I’d never seen them and the Canadian falls are huge, impressive, powerful. We walked behind them and next to them. The area around the falls is pretty touristy…lots and lots of fast food restaurants and an miniature golf course and Ferris wheel…but the falls are well worth seeing. The American falls are the smaller ones, the falls with all the mist rising above are the Canadian Falls which are more of a horseshoe shape.

    After seeing the falls we went to a Butterfly Reserve and then to Niagara on the Lake (Lake Ontario) which is a restored town (after being destroyed in the War of 1812). It had lots of gelato shops, food shops and even a hat shop (my favorite of course).

    Just as we left it started to rain, so we were lucky to get in a good day of sight seeing.

    Tomorrow is the last day here before heading off to Montreal and Mont Tremblant. The draws have been posted and I play on Wednesday morning, weather permitting of course. Draws are here.