Takeoff …Destination Helsinki

After leaving Mont-Tremblant I flew from Montreal to Toronto to train indoors with Erin Boynton, who plays for the Canada 55s team, the Maureen Connolly Cup. Erin also plays a lot in the states. She’s an orthopedic surgeon too

The transition to indoor hard from outdoor clay wasn’t too bad. It was nice to be warm while hitting instead of freezing as we all were in Tremblant. And the clubs were very nice, with high ceilings and good lighting, especially at the York Racquets Club.

Today we went for a walk before flying to Finland via Iceland, in a park which used to house a huge brickworks. Many of the buildings in Toronto are made of brick that was manufactured at these brickworks. Erin’s dogs, Ruby and Olive had a blast.

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It’s a 5 hour flight to Iceland, then 3 more to Helsinki where we land early in the morning on Thursday. We have a couple of days of practice then start matches in the ITF Seniors World Team Championships on Sunday in Helsinki.I am playing for the USA Alice Marble Cup team, women’s 60, along with Tina Karwasky, Wendy McColskey and Sherri Bronson (our playing captain). We are the defending champions but there are some tough teams, such as Great Britain, France, Germany and South Africa.

Nichols, Wendy McColskey, Karwsky, Sherri Bronson with Marble Cup

Next post will be from Helsinki (or perhaps this one will be unless I post it from Iceland) and the draws will be posted on Saturday June 18, 2016 at seniortennisblog.com and itftennis.com/seniors.

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