Mont-Tremblant Finale: Success on a Brrrrr Day!

It was really COLD today! 10 degrees Celsius, or just below 50F with gust winds and intermittent showers. I saw one player wearing a ski cap during her singles match.

MJ Pachl and I won the women’s doubles. MJ has great grounded but doesn’t have a lot of doubles experience. So we employed a lot of strategies.. MJ tight on the net, MJ back (mostly successful, she has nice groundies) then at the end I served and volleyed (really!) and she stayed back. That startled them enough so we came back from 5-4 0-40 down to win 5 points in a row to win the doubles. We won 62 64.

Marc Pepin and I played the mixed final 10 minutes later and won 63 60. We both played pretty well. 

The other USA players did well, with Perkins taking the 50s and Beautyman the 70s, Crabel the 60s. 

Denis Dumas, Canada won the 55s, against someone he hadn’t seen or played against since they were teenagers!

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