Tennis & Fun at BallenIsles

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First, the tennis: there were a few upsets but the top seeds advanced in the 50-80 singles without incident except in the women’s 70 division.  Charleen Hillebrand, always a great competitor. beat Lynn Thompson 62 63 (though Thompson was down 5-0 in the 2nd set and gave Hillebrand a scare before succumbing.

I won my match 62 62 against Frances O’Sullivan, but my doubles partner, Pat Purcell wasn’t as lucky, losing to Bunny Allare in three sets. Pat and I won our doubles too, so tomorrow I play Wendy McColskey in singles and doubles.

Jenny Klitch, with whom Shelly Works, Monica Salazar and I are staying, won a hotly contested (in how close the match was, not for any other reason) with Kim Jones over Erin Boynton/Susan Boyer 10-8 in the march tiebreak. Then she combined with the Mirasol pro Andi Piski to blast (and I mean blast…they were hitting hard!) past O’Hern/Saiki. The only misstep in that match was when Andi didn’t see Jenny’s high-five attempt and just kept walking (you had to be there).


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Shelly won her singles over Sheila Chiricosta and then combined with Mariana Hollman to win their doubles quarter.


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The dinner tonight at the BallenIsles Country Club was very nice, good food and a good atmosphere.


And the sun sets on another good day of tennis in Florida.

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