Tennis is Tough

Tennis can be so much fun…but today wasn’t much fun for me on the court. I lost to a pretty good player who played very well, Patricia (Tish, don’t call me Pat) Peal. She hit her returns, serves, and volleys really well. She hit near the sidelines and baseline. I hit near the service line on groundstrokes and unfortunately on lobs as well. So I lost. For me, it’s back to the practice court and drawing board to figure out a solution to her game and I hope to play her again after I figure that out.

My pickup partner, who is playing down from the 65s, is Rosemary Wilson, a very good doubles player and a nice lady. We won our first round of doubles and play Peal and her partner, Diana (Dee) Wilson tomorrow. They will be tough, as were our first round opponents, Betty Maitland and Kim Reed.

I didn’t take any photos today. I may tomorrow as I think I will watch Peal play Reed.




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  1. I really enjoy your blogs. I’m sure it is great fun playing all over Europe. I was lucky enough to play on the friendship cup team 8 yrs ago. All the women were great. Jan Davis

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