The Cups: October 21, 2005

The weather was perfect, not a cloud to be seen, barely a breeze and high 70’s. The tennis was also exciting.




The USA Von Cram Cup Team, men’s 60’s, captained by Jimmy Parker, powered their way through to the final without a problem. In fact, every men’s cup team reached the final today.


The USA Alice Marble Cup Team, women’s 60’s, fell in the semis to an inspired French team. The captain, Trish Faulkner, reported that the #2 French player played the match of her life, making only 1 unforced error in the match. She was playing American Charleen Hillebrand who was playing excellent tennis as well, however on red clay, consistency is king and Hillebrand fell at #2 singles. Mary Wilson faced Gail Lovera at #1 singles, and played well, but was edged out 75 75. The USA won the doubles match.


The Althea Gibson Cup Team, women’s 70’s, had a very tough match today. Boots Van Nostrand lost at #2 singles. Dorothy Matthiessen won at #1 singles and Matthiessen/Mary Boswell pulled out the third set after a nervous start. They face defending champions Australia tomorrow.




The Kitty Godfree Cup Team, women’s 65, playing in the group that will determine 5th-8th place, beat Ireland 3-0. Susanne Clark and Dori deVries won at #1 and #2 singles respectively, and Norma Veal/Kathy Langer won the doubles. They will play the 5/6 playoff tomorrow.


The Queen’s Cup Team, women’s 75, won both singles very easily, with Olga Mahaney playing #2 singles and Louise Russ playing #1 singles. However, Jane Lutz/Diane Hoffman lost their doubles match. They play the final tomorrow.


The Britannia Cup Team, men’s 65, won both singles in 3 sets. Rudy Hernando won at #2 singles in 2 hours, 45 minutes and said he wasn’t tired after the match (winning does alleviate fatigue though). Joe Bachman served for the first set at #1 singles, then lost it 75…and lost one more game the rest of the match. One observer said he made only 2 unforced errors in the final 2 sets and another noted that he broke down his opponent’s backhand by giving him deep no pace balls.


The Jack Crawford Cup Team, men’s 70’s, easily dispatched a fatigued German team. While the USA had the day off on Thursday, Germany battled Great Britain from 10 am till 6 pm. The 2 top singles players from Germany were then so fatigued they never made it out of bed to even attend the match. Gordon Davis played #2 singles, King Van Nostrand played #1 singles (and yes, he is related to Boots Van Nostrand, the #2 player on the women’s 70’s team, who is his wife), and John Powless/Richard Doss played the doubles.


The Bitsy Grant Cup Team, men’s 75, avenged their 2004 final round loss to France by winning both singles matches. Clem Hopp, playing #1 singles (Russell Seymour is playing #2 singles), beat the same French player he lost to on the green clay in Philadelphia, this time by the score of 63 75. He rallied from 0-3 down in the final set to win the match. The Grant Cup team faces the tough Canadian Team of Lorne Main and Ken Sinclair tomorrow. Main won the USA men’s 75 grass and clay court titles easily in September, winning the clay final 60 61.


The Gardnar Mulloy Cup Team, men’s 80, is in cruise control so far. Tony Franco played #2 singles and Graydon Nichols played #1 singles against Sweden and neither player lost a set. Vinny Fotre and Newton Meade won the doubles point.


To recap: 9 USA teams are in Turkey. 5 men’s teams and 2 women’s teams are in the final of their cup events. 1 women’s team is playing for third and one is playing for 5th.

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