USA Wins 5 of 9 Cups in Turkey!

Saturday, October 22nd, Final Day


The weather was impeccable on the final day of play, no delays of  play due to rain for a change.




Women’s 65: Kitty Godfree Cup


USA finished 5th, beating Great Britain 3-0 in the 5/6 playoff. Dori deVries, who has been practicing like a fiend over here, won at #2 singles. Susanne Clark kept the rallies short, coming to net at every opportunity, in winning at #1 singles. The husband of her opponent asked me if she had played as a pro when younger, after verifying that it was her first year in the age division. Susanne however didn’t take up tennis till she was in her 30’s, after having had 3 children.


Australia won this Cup in a big upset over France, 2 matches to 1.


Women’s 75: Queens’ Cup


USA WON!  USA beat Great Britain to clinch the Cup. Olga Mahaney was never threatened at #2 singles, dispatching her opponent in straight sets. She mixed up drops and drives effectively and moved very well. Louise Russ played Betty Howard at #1 singles. She had never dropped a set to Howard before today. Howard has classic strokes and a huge forehand. She used it effectively in the 2nd set, missing less and not allowing Russ to get the first strike. She won the 2nd set. The ITF requires the women’s 75 division to play a match tiebreaker if the players split sets.  Louise lost the tiebreaker 12 points to 10, so the doubles was to be the deciding match. Russ, the captain, chose Diane Hoffman to partner her in the doubles. It was Hoffman’s first Cup and the first time the USA had ever played a deciding match in the Queens’ Cup. Hoffman however, played like a Cup veteran, slamming overheads, and attacking the net, even serving and volleying on the red clay off some 2nd serves (and winning the points). The Americans took the first set 62, and then won several close games to win the 2nd set 63, and the Cup.


Men’s 65: Britannia Cup


USA finished 2nd to Austria. Rudy Hernando started off the match brilliantly, winning the first set 6-0. He fell behind a break early in the 2nd set, but then had an ad to level the set at 4-4, before barely missing a drop volley. He then dropped the third set 6-1. Joe Bachman played well at #1 singles but fell in straight sets. The USA won the doubles point, played by Hank Leichtfried and George Sarantos.


Men’s 70: Crawford Cup


USA WON!! USA beat France 2-0 to win the Cup. Gordon Davis finished a stellar week, dropping only a game at #2 singles to begin the tie. He served an volleyed on the dirt as if it was a hard court. King Van Nostrand played #1 singles and was pressed more than Davis, but still won his match in straight sets. Van Nostrand doesn’t miss much…and doesn’t lose much either. The French defaulted the doubles point. This team never dropped a set all week.


Men’s 75: Bitsy Grant Cup


USA finished 2nd to Canada. Russell Seymour led off the team at #2 singles, beating Ken Sinclair in 3 sets. Seymour won the first set, lost the 2nd set and at 1-1 in the third the pivotal game was played. Seymour was serving and Sinclair had some break points, but once Seymour finally secured that game, he continued on a roll, and won the set convincingly. Lorne Main of Canada beat Clem Hopp 64 61 at #1 singles, rallying from a 0-3 deficit to win the match. Main and Sinclair beat Chuck DeVoe/Bill Davis 64 46 60 to win the Cup.


Men’s 80: Gardnar Mulloy Cup


USA WON!! USA was never threatened in the Gardnar Mulloy Cup. Theirs was the first Cup won, since Tony Franco efficiently beat his opponent in about 30 minutes. Graydon Nichols, playing #1 singles, took a bit longer, but won the last 10 games in his 62 60 victory. Vinny Fotre/Newton Meade won the doubles point.





Men’s 60: Von Cramm Cup


USA WON!! USA split the singles but won the doubles convincingly.


Women’s 60: Alice Marble Cup


USA finished 4th. They lost 2-1 to Great Britain today. They split the singles. Trish Faulkner/Charleen Hillebrand played Sue Hill/Frances Taylor in the doubles, a very tough team.


Women’s 70: Althea Gibson Cup


USA WON!!! USA beat Australia, last year’s champion, 2-1. The teams split the singles, with Boots Van Nostrand losing at #2 singles. Dorothy Matthiessen evened the tie with a 61 60 win over Margaret Robinson. Matthiessen/Belmar Gunderson won the doubles 61 61 to secure the win. The USA lost to Australia in Philadelphia last year and was happy to avenge that loss.




9 Cups were held in Turkey


USA won 5: Gibson, Queens, Von Cramm, Crawford and Mulloy

USA finished 2nd: Brittannia and Grant

USA finished 4th: Marble

USA finished 5th: Godfree

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