Thursday results

Results from Day 4 in Mallorca and links to all the team results from yesterday: Day 4 results and article on ITF Website

USA results:

Men’s 35, Italia Cup, lost 2-1 to France, with Dougal Williams and Willie Dann losing singles and Dann/Lew Miller winning the doubles.

Men’s 40s,  Tony Trabert Cup: (From the ITF website):The sixth seeds Netherlands upset
third seeds USA after two exciting singles matches. Bart Theelen got
the Dutch off to a flying start with a 63 16 62 win over Richard
Schmidt, then Niels de Kok completed the win by defeating Martin Barba
36 75 64.

Men’s 45s, Dubler Cup: France, seeded 3rd beat the USA 2-0, with Mike Rose and Andy Stoner losing at singles and the doubles umplayed by the French.

Men’s 50s, Fred Perry Cup: This is the only men’s division in which the US was victorious yesterday.  Peter Markes and Val Wilder won their singles, Peter in three sets and Val was tied at 4-4 when his opponent had to retire with an injury.

Men’s 55s, Austria Cup: USA, seeded 4, lost to Spain handily in singles with Larry Turville and Bill Roach both losing in straight sets, though Phil Landauer/Tom Smith won the doubles easily.

Women’s 35s, Lenglen Cup, Women’s 40s, Young Cup, Women’s 50s, Bueno Cup and Women’s 55, Connolly Cup: They were off yesterday.

Women’s 45s, Court Cup won yesterday both singles against Great Britain 2-1. Mariana Hollman and Gretchen Magers won singles and Fran Chandler/Mary Dailey lost doubles in 3 sets, 76 in the third.

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