USA Bueno, Connolly Teams Into Final in Mallorca

USA Bueno Cup beat France, the #3 seeds, 3-0. It rained early, as
predicted and we hung out at the club nearly till noon, went back to
our hotel and play resumed at 2pm. By then the sun was peeking out and
the wind was atrocious, nearly 20mph and swirling. Susan started
strongly at #2 singles, playing flawless, aggressive tennis. She made
only 2 errors in the first set according to Diane. She then led 51 in
the second set, at which time Benedict LeGrand, her opponent, started
playing better, attacking 2nd serves successfully and any short high
balls, with her forehand. Susan lost 10 straight points (that’s what
she said…I just know that it took only minutes to go from 52 to
54…but played a good tiebreaker, and LeGrand made some unforced
errors…1-0 USA.

Diane (Hurricane, playing in a hurricane) Fishburne took on the French
#1, Betty Michel and made playing in the wind look easy (other than
keeping score…and "Coach Susan" was watching the Aussie/Brit match).
Diane won 61 61, breaking down her opponent mentally in the process.

Marianne and I think played the doubles, starting just as Gr Britain
and Australia were starting their deciding doubles match on the
adjacent court. We won 61 61, and the Brits won 61 64. The wind never
stopped, and it was chilly…I had on 5 layers when I was watching.

We play Great Britain tomorrow, upset winners over the Aussies.

The Connolly Cup team also had to sit out a rain delay but finished
earlier than we did. Joanne Russell won easily at #2 singles; Tina
Karwasky lost a rare singles Cup match…maybe her first, 75 62 to
Frances Candy, and Joanne and Tina, after making a few aggressive
errors at the beginning of the match, won 64 60. Frances Candy told me
that Joanne in particular just hit so hard and was so aggressive that
there was nothing they could do to counter her attack. USA Connolly Cup
plays home team Spain, who beat the Dutch…without Nora Blom who
couldn’t play due to an infected foot.

USA Young Cup team lost to Italy 2-0.

As of this morning the men’s 50 and women’s 45 were in play.

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