Thursday Update, Turkey

Another beautiful day in Turkey…80s, sunny, mild breeze…lots of really good tennis too.

Women’s Divisions:

Renata Marcinkowska lost to Jo Louis (whom she’d beaten easily in the team event), unable to overcome a calf injury she suffered later on in the team event. The Americans haven’t started play in 35 doubles yet.

In the 45s, Fran Chandler and Mariana Hollman advanced, but Susan Boyer and Myke Loomis lost. Susan played the #2 seed from the Czech republic, Barbora Koutna and was up 52 when I left to watch another match. She seemed to have it under control and was frustrating the stylish Czech player, and as one onlooker observed, "moving like an angel". However Koutna, a very good and experienced player, beat her in straight sets, the first set 75. All four are playing doubles now.

In the 50s, top seed Ros Balodis beat American Phyllis Blackwell 64 62; Carolyn Nichols, Diane Fishburne and Susan Wright advanced, Susan in 3 sets past a tenacious Kaye Nealon of Australia. Susan and Diane play each other tomorrow, and I play Ros. Last time we played she hurt me (I slipped on a line and tore up my ankle and was carried off the court)…so I told her my #1 goal is to walk off the court healthy…the other goals I kept to myself).

In the 55s, the last American in the draw, Martha Downing, lost to Australian Kerry Ballard in two tight sets.

In the 60s, Brenda Carter fell to Petra Kruger of So Africa, whom she’d beaten last week in three sets.

In the 65s, #2 seeded Charleen Hillebrand easily advanced to the semis, as did Heide Orth.

In the 70s, Carol Wood, who seems to save her best tennis for the World Championships, joined Roz King and Dori deVries in the semis along with top seeded Janine Lieffrig of So Africa. Carol took out the 3rd and 6th seeds respectively to reach the semis. She was saying her legs were dead in the 2nd set…but since she didn’t have any others she rallied to win the third. I can only imagine how tired her opponent must have been…Carol hit about 20 dropshots…and that was just in the second set. Roz sliced and diced her opponent nicely and Dori played consistently and ran well to win her match.

In the 75s Mary Boswell advanced but Louise Russ lost in 3 sets today. Nancy Reed and Margaret Robinson won their doubles.

In the men’s divisions, there was only one American, Jim Slonac, in the 35, 40 and 45s combined and he lost yesterday to a tough German player who had him running all over the court, back against the fence. Jim said he’d never had that many winners hit against him on a clay court.

In the 50s, Mark Vines played Gerde Wilder and was winning easily when I left…the guy had much better hair than Mark but Mark had a better game at least when I was watching (matches can turn quickly on clay…see the men’s 70s below).

In the 55s, Phil Landauer was upset yesterday but Phil and Tom Smith won their doubles.

In the 60s there were no Cup members in the draw.

In the 65s, Jimmy Parker and Ken Robinson are playing doubles now and both are out of singles.

In the 70s, King Van Nostrand is the last American standing and plays Bodo Nietsche next in the semis. He beat Bob Duesler today. Fred Farzanagan lost a tough match in the 70s to Loeffler of Germany…he was down a set and 51, rallied to win the 2nd set and then went up I was told 52, 40-0, on his serve, and lost the set 76. It was a 3.5 hour match in the heat of the day. Afterwards Fred’s opponent told him that he was a good player…but we all knew that. There were about 100 people watching by the end and I was telling the American players about the match and a So African friend…and every one of the Americans were interested in the match…but asked which one was Fred. My So African friend found that amuzing after the 4th person asked which one was Fred, commenting that it was a big country, the USA.

In the 75s, George McCabe and Saul Snyder were playing later, so I don’t know who won, but Snyder was playing Lorne Main.

In the 80s there are 4 Americans in the semis, Graydon Nichols plays his doubles partner, Tony Franco and Clem Hopp plays his doubles partner, Jason Morton. Franco was down 51 and set points in the first set against the top Aussie player, Corbett and rallied to win 76 63. Edith Franco said she was a wreck watching that match…but Tony, who walks slowly between points but like a deer once the ball is in play put her at ease eventually. Graydon was up 30 in the first set against Ismail and then lost 4 games straight…that’s when I started watching and he won 75 61, keeping the ball deeper and reducing his errors. Tony and Graydon won their doubles too, rallying from set point down in the first to win 75 61.
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