Thursday Update

Thursday Results of American Teams
Italia Cup: USA beat Russia 2=1. The top Russian player, Cherkosov (sp?) took out Juan Carlos Parker with the loss of only a game, but Curtis Dunn won the #2 singles point and Willie Dann/Kline Sacks gutted out the doubles point. They play for 9th today or tomorrow.
Trabert and Austria Cups, men’s 40 and 55 had the day off as did the Bueno Cup, women’s 50s.
Dubler Cup beat Ireland at Belek to reach the semis.
The Perry Cup, men’s 50s, beat Austria, who were a bit worn out by just winning their round robin division. Ross Persons won the #2 point, Sal Castillo cruised at #1 singles and Chris Bennett/Tom Smith won the doubles point. USA takes on top seeded Spain today, but are optimistic about their chances.
The Lenglen Cup lost to Germany 3=0. Germany, who were not in So Africa, were very strong and dropped only a set in the 3 matches, as Julie Cass took the 2nd set at #1 singles.
The Young Cup beat Belgium 2=1. Hollman took the #2 singles point, but the Belgium #1, who has won several world titles, beat Magers at #1 singles. Hollman/Magers took the doubles point to advance to the 5/6 playoff.
The Court Cup lost to the #3 seeded France 2=1. Myke Bodisch won at #2 singles; Catherine Suire of France took out Fran Chandler in straight sets at #1 singles, and Mary Dailey/Susan Love lost the doubles in 3 sets. Diane Fishburne, Susan Wright and Robin Harris from the 50s team had an adventure driving from Manavgat to Belek to watch the Court Cup play. They rented a car, a stick. Diane drove but couldn’t find the reverse gear (it was different than on an American car…some lever needed to be pulled out which they discovered later). So Susan and Robin had to push Diane out of the parking space. They made it to Belek without incident, but then were told the had to park between 2 trees…knowing they couldn’t make minor adjustments (still hadnt’ figured out the reverse)…anyway, Susan and Robin got out and pushed the car when Diane needed to reverse and they parked, and watched the match…then came the time to get gas. The car was rented on empty and they were told to bring it back empty. Gas was about $2 a liter (quart)…they decided to buy $3 of gas. It took they said 4 people to figure out what they wanted. Oh, and by that time they had found out how to reverse the car without getting out and pushing it.
The gala dinner was last night, which was like a normal dinner but with more music and shrimp for dinner.
The women’s 55s beat Switzerland easily yesterday and play Great Britain today.

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