Tracy Houk Blog: Sunday April 20

Happy Easter
Today was a great day. Team Maria Bueno started off with a great warm up. I was able to get a doubles practice match for Judy and Vicki, against the Team Suzanne Lenglen 35’s top players, Simona Bruetting and Gee Gee Garvin. Judy and Vicki held their own, while Fran and I practiced some singles, and a set against Fanny Gamble of San Rafael, Ca and Yulia Bolotova, from Philadelphia. Vicki and I didn’t get enough tennis in, so we played a couple extra games in singles, which lasted another 1/2 hour !! Yes, two games !!! What can I say, it’s clay.

We then headed back to the hotel, to get ready for Opening Ceremonies. I had a Captain’s meeting, and missed out on some of the pictures which included all USA teams together. We managed to sneak in few photos with my Team.

At the captains’meeting, we learned of our seedlings, team opponents, and our schedule of play. We are (Team Maria Bueno) seeded number 1, and France is Number 2. We received the only bye, and have no match tomorrow. Our team will have an early practice, and watch our opponents, Mexico vs Canada, who are in our draw. We will also be watching other matches, and are very fortunate to have a day to check out all the other players and their styles. Go USA !

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