Tracy Houk Saturday May 3: End of the Road in Florida

Saturday, May 3

I lost my semi final singles match to the French player who beat me in the Team Competition. I really thought I could get her back, but, she was a bit stronger Saturday. My doubles partner, Anne Kerwin-Payne and I then went out and played the # 3 seeds in doubles and won, 6-0, 6-4. We were down 4-0 in the second. We then had a two hour break before we went on again for the quarters, around 6pm. We got on the court, and I realized, my purse was missing! After a  10 minute search, Anne found it (where we’d been stretching earlier)…whew!  We lost to Fran Chandler, and Sue Webb, 3 & 3. It was closer then the score indicates. I then realized my phone was missing, and that too was located, this time at the tournament registration desk. It’s been a long two weeks, and my brain was getting as tired as my body.   I am heading to the airport, to go home for a week before playing the national hard courts in La Jolla. I’m hoping my body can recover from some falls on the clay.  Judy Newman is playing the semi finals in women’s doubles, with our other Team Bueno teammate, Vicki Buholz. Hopefully they can bring home the Gold !!

They have a great chance !!!! They’re both playing well. Go USA !!

Final Update from Carolyn: Vicki and Judy lost in a match tiebreak in the final to the great doubles player Ros Balodis and her partner Leanne Swaysland, from Australia. Fran Chandler though won the 50 singles title and Erika Smith (Oakland), playing with Rick Leach (the former #1 doubles player in the world) won the 50 mixed.

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