Tuesday: Mike moves into round of 16

Short one today: Mike took on Austrian, Christian Hebenstreit, who was seeded 29th. It was a fun match to watch, but was over fairly quickly. 6-3, 6-2. He was a very nice player on and off the court, and we also met his doubles partner, who is from New Delhi, but currently resides in Washington DC. He had nothing but nice things to say about his partner, as well as Mike. There are so many enjoyable people to meet in the world of tennis! Tomorrow, Mike (seeded 8th) plays the #10 seed from Denmark, Alan Rasmussen. His doubles partner, Danny, who is seeded #16, plays the #1 seed, Paul French. Wish them luck!

Doubles was a bit of a disappointment, only in that their opponents just didn’t show up. We waited for nearly an hour before they called the match. It was to be against a Russian and a Georgian. The Russian had played that morning, and from the looks of things, he had played two matches, one in the main draw, one consolation, and only got a single game from each match. Perhaps he decided he was done. Anyway, Danny and Mike were looking forward to playing today, so it was too bad that didn’t happen. They will take on a German and French team in doubles tomorrow: Florian EBNER [WC]
Michel GALEY Does anyone know what the WC designates? We could figure it out.

Note from Carolyn: WC = Wild Card, i.e. a team or player which entered after the deadline or paired up after the deadline for pairing up as a team. This is different from SE, a seeding exemption, which is someone who is seeded above where his/her ranking would put him/her.

Dinner is in two hours, we will probably go down to the beach for a quick walk before that…it is a bit cool today, though, and breezy. Low 60’s.
Supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday, which would be a bummer. Fingers crossed the forecast is wrong. Hope you all are doing great back home.








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  1. Denver was in winter temps for last week, but since Easter is just around the corner, mother nature has blessed us with nice warm temps and good sunny day Easter Sunday. Off to perform for some seniors with my “Sunshine Serenaders” ( I call them my backup group) We’ll be in our Easter bonnets and do the “Easter Parade” song too. Good luck next round, and do send my best to everyone and congratualtions for great gutsy tennis. rita

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