USA Advances to Elimination Rounds in Nine Cups on Wednesday; USA Men’s 75 Team Falls to Gr. Britain

USA advanced with less drama today in nine of the ten Cups today.

The good news for Bob Quall, Bitsy Grant Cup team member, is that his suitcase and clothing and warm up finally arrived! The bad news is that his team lost. Bob had a tough loss at #2 singles to Gr. Britain, losing a four hour match after leading by a set and 3/0 on the soft E courts. He admitted to a bit of fatigue after two days of long matches. Fred Farzanegan lost the #1 singles after leading 5-2 in the first set.

The Doris Hart Cup team, women’s 80, continued to amaze, beating Germany today 2/1, again taking the #2 singles and doubles points as the German #1 didn’t play the doubles tie.The USA plays France next while Canada is on the other side of the draw. Jane Lutz, 86, has been fantastic at #2 singles, and Margaret Canby/Rose Austin have been stellar in doubles so far.

Ilse MICHAEL Margaret Canby, USA W80 USA and Germany 80s after their match Wednesday

The men’s 65s were so fast they had finished 2 singles and doubles before lunchtime (and they started at 9am)!

The men’s 60, 70 and 80’s teams all advanced without too much drama.

The women’s 60s won 3/0; Sherri Bronson again played about 3 1/2 hours, 3 sets to win. Her comment was that there weren’t many practice courts available, so she was getting in her court time during matches! Tina Karwasky won easily at #1 and Sue Bramlette/Rita Giles took the doubles point.

In women’s 65s, the USA won handily behind the play of Brenda Carter, Martha Downing and in doubles, Carol Clay and Kathy Bennett.

Bennett Clay Bennett, Clay Carol Clay USA W65-001 Kathy Bennett, USA W65

The women’s 70s were very quick today, finishing not much later than the men’s 65. Charleen Hillebrand & Cathie Anderson played doubles; Lee Delfausse/Suella Steel won the doubles point.

Lee Delfausse Suella Steel, USA W70-001 USA W70 Delfausse Hillebrand Steel, Anderson Scouting RSA vs GBR W70

The women’s 75s had a scare with Dori deVries losing at #1 but Roz King had won at #2 and deVries/King easily won the doubles point. They have the day off tomorrow.

For more results, click on the Cup below; the USA will be in a different group beginning tomorrow.

I’ll post photos and add them to this post tomorrow…falling asleep. I was able to hit some tennis balls today and then there was the gala dinner. There was also a lot of thunder and lightning but it didn’t stop play….

   USA men's 60 and spouses-037 USA men's 60 and spouses-038 USA men's 60 and spouses-039 USA men's 60 and spouses-040 USA men's 60 and spouses-041 USA men's 60 and spouses-042  


Men’s Cups & Women’s Cups

Von Cramm Cup (M60) (USA in Group A )
Alice Marble Cup (W60) (USA inGroup A)

Britannia Cup (Men’s 65) (USA inGroup D  )
Kitty Godfree Cup (W65) (USA in Group B)

Jack Crawford Cup (Men’s 70) (USA inGroup D  )
Althea Gibson Cup (W70) (USA inGroup A)

Bitsy Grant Cup (M75) (USA in Group C )
Queens’ Cup (W75) (USA in Group A)

Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80) (USA inGroup A )
Doris Hart Cup (W80) (USA inGroup B)

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  1. WOW! My partner, (in85’s) Jane Lutz is going great guns, sweeping her Cup Team to victory, with her wonderful double’s team mates! Thanks for making my day!

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