USA Goes Undefeated on Day 2 of the ITF World Team Championships

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USA teams went 6/0 on Tuesday in Umag and dropped few games and no sets. On Wednesday the round robin portion of the event concludes,  and once the knockout portion of the event begins the matches get much longer and more competitive.

The men’s and women’s 65s teams both won 3/0. For the second day in a row, the powerhouse Godfree Cup team dominated their tie, losing only four games in beating Ukraine. They play Canada tomorrow; if they win they advance to the medal round (semis). The Britannia Cup team beat South Africa 3/0 and face Great Britain tomorrow which will be a tougher task as GBR is one of the seeded teams.

The women’s 70s, Gibson Cup,  team won comfortably today against Canada, with Cathie Anderson and Brenda Carter winning the singles points in straight sets. They therefore finish second in their division unless Canada beats GBR tomorrow and will play for 5th in the knockout portion of the even beginning on Thursday . The men’s 70s, Crawford Cup, had a bye today and face Switzerland (led by Peter Kolacek) tomorrow; SUI beat Norway 3/0 today so will be a tougher out tomorrow than was Norway yesterday

The USA Women’s 75, Queens Cup team blanked Australia 3/0 with Steel and Fales winning in singles while Weinstock and Hillebrand won the doubles  point. They face a tough German team next, led by Heidi Attlefellner (who lives in Vermont and is a USTA member) and Nanda Fischer (also a USTA member who is a former #1 ranked ITF player). The USA Bitsy Grant Cup team had a day off and play Slovenia next. Slovenia beat Ireland 3/0 and is led by James Baker, who is a Florida resident. Tennis does make the world smaller.

The USA dominated in the women’s 80s divisions, with the Doris Hart Cup team beating Sweden with the loss of only two games! They face a tough British team tomorrow. The Brits handed Australia a 3/0 loss on Tuesday. Last year USA beat GBR in the Hart Cup and Herrick beat June Pierce, the British #1, i straight sets. The Gardnar Mulloy Cup team had a Novack Djokovic experience today; they beat Austria 3/0 but only #1 singles was played to conclusion; Austria retired down a set in both #2 singles and doubles. USA plays Sweden (who lost 3/0 to Turkey today) in their last round robin match.



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