USA Seeded #1 or #2 in All Cups in Austria and Czech Republic.

The captains’ meetings were held today in Austria and Czech Republic. The USA was seeded #1 in the seven Cups for which it’s the defending champion: Von Cramm (M60), Britannia (M65), Bitsy Grant Cup (M75), Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80), Alice Marble Cup (W60), Althea Gibson Cup (W70) and Queens’ Cup, (W75). USA is seeded #2 in the Kitty Godfree Cup (W65), Doris Hart Cup (W80) and Jack Crawford Cup (M70).

The captains’ meetings (where the draws were done) and opening ceremonies were held today in Villach (also at the other venues, but I’m in Villach). Each lasts about an hour and the social schedule and the information on how the Cups work (practice schedule etc) were given to the captains. There was a low key opening ceremony followed by a nice cocktail party.

I also moved hotels today, it was a long day!

Here are some team photos…action photos probably Tuesday. Only the women’s 80s play tomorrow in Villach, the men’s 80 and women’s 75 have byes.

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Hart Cup Canby, Plante, Kyvallos, LutzStarred photos opening ceremony-027 So Cal players, Matthiessen, Doss, King Starred photos opening ceremony-029 Starred photos opening ceremony-001   Starred photos opening ceremony-007 Starred photos opening ceremony-025    Starred photos opening ceremony-031 IMG_7510 Starred photos opening ceremony-015

8 responses to “USA Seeded #1 or #2 in All Cups in Austria and Czech Republic.

  1. Carolyn,
    Great pictures ~ good job.
    We are rained out here also ~ got #2 match in (Molly won vs Czech who was a nice player) Now we wait.

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    Nice coverage on the ITF Super Senior World Championships. I am writing our club newsletter and this information is very helpful.

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