USA Takes Bronze in W55, M55, Silver in W60; M60 Place 6th in ITF Masters World Team Championships, Portugal

Draws are here.

Germany was too tough in singles for the USA Women’s 60s team, with Kirsten Garcia and Helga Nauck taking out Vicki Buholz and Fran Chandler respectively to win the Alice Marble Cup (W60) in Portugal. The doubles was not played.

The USA Connolly Cup team (W55) won the 3/4 playoff against Spain 3/0, with Kathy Settles at #2 and Charlotte Hartsock at #1. Jenny Keller/Debbie Nasim won the doubles point. Italy won the Cup over an exhausted German team.

The USA Austria Cup team (M55) split the singles in their bronze medal match against Denmark, with Paul Settles winning at #2 and Curtis Dunn falling in three sets at #1. Eoin Collins/Paul Settles won the doubles point (per Christina Kaus, on site).

The USA Von Cramm Cup (M60) is playing for fifth against Sweden. Andy Stoner lost at #2 singles; Bill Moss is playing #1 singles and the doubles pair scheduled is Stoner/Moss. Update: Moss won at #2 singles but Stoner/Steve Schultz fell in a tight. doubles match, 10-5 in the match tiebreak. The team finished 6th.

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