USA Teams Advance in Round Robin Play on Sunday in Mallorca

Draws are here.

The Kitty Godfree Cup team won today 3/0 against Sweden. Carolyn Nichols won at #2 60 61. Susan Wright won at #1 60, 61 and Carolyn Lane/Bunnie Jackson took the doubles 60 61. Our club is run by three women who lease the premises and do everything from teaching to court maintenance. They work hard, and have a wonderful attitude.

The women’s 70s wo 3/0 over So Africa with Judy Dixon at #2, Wendy McColskey at 1 and Tina Karwasky/Jan Cochran won the doubles.

W75 won 3/0 over Argentina.

The women’s 80s beat Germany (sans Heide Orth, who contracted Covid the week of the ITF 1000) 3/0 but Cathie Anderson had a tough match at #2, winning 76 64. Frances Dickenson made a successful Cup debut, winning the doubles point with Charleen Hillebrand.

The W85 beat Argentina 3/0 with Chris Smith making a successful debut at #2 singles.

The men’s 65 beat Belgium 3/0.

The men’s 70s beat Switzerland 3/0, but at #1 singles Robert Barrie edged Peter Heller 64 in the third, hitting the baseline for an unreturnable shot on match point! Len Wofford won the #2 singles point and the doubles with Paul Wulf.

The men’s 75 beat Sweden 3/0.

The men’s 80s beat Slovenia 3/0.
The men’s 85s beat Spain 2/1; Albert Lyle fell at #2 singles; Lester Sack won at #1 and Jerald Hayes/Wilbur Jones edged the Spanish team in doubles 26 63 10-7…whew!

Tomorrow we play Spain not before 1:15 or so…in the afternoon.

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  1. Carolyn,
    You do an exceptional job of getting the facts and details down. There are a lot of moving parts to all you do and I appreciate that you first of all, do it, and secondly, that you do it so well. From my side of playing here with the team for the first time, I see how difficult it is to get timely responses from the teams and updated scores. But you persist without making enemies! Good for you. I hope you are compensated in some fashion for providing this valuable service to the players.
    Gwenda Ward

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