USA Teams Find Success on Day 1 of the ITF Masters World Team Championships 55/60 in Portugal

Draws are here.

All four teams won 3/0 without the loss of a set…great start team USA!

USA Women’s 60s team (above) beat Denmark 3/0 in Estoril. Vicki Buholz (#2); Fran Chandler (#1); Gayle Prejean/Anne Frautschi (doubles) all won in straight sets.

USA Women’s 55 Team (Connolly Cup) beat Denmark 3/0 ! Charlotte Hartsock (#2 singles); Debbie Nasim (#1 singles); Jenny Rens/Kathy Settles (doubles) all won 60 60.

USA Men’s 55 team (Austria Cup) beat Hungary 3/0; Oliver Lorin (#2); Eoin Collins (#1) and Curtis Dunn/Paul Settles (husband of W55 player Kathy Settles) all won in straight sets).

USA Men’s 60 team (Von Cramm Cup) beat South Africa 3/0; Bill Moss (#2 singles); John Saviano (#1 singles) and Steven Schultz/Andy Stoner (doubles) all won in straight sets.

Photos from opening ceremonies yesterday.

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