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  • World Championships: The End; Barker Wins EIGHTH! Singles Title & Wright Wins 7th Doubles Title in Portugal

    Somewhere between Lisbon & Barcelona

    Saturday August 17, 2019

    The World Championships ended in Portugal today. They were a great success. This is a partial overview of the final day; I’m on an airplane en route to Barcelona…no internet. All matches described were finals.


    Diane Barker played a near perfect match to beat Susan Wright 62 63 and win the 60 singles.

    Robin Harris and Ross Persons lost to Ros Balodis/Peter Hampton in 60 mixed. Ros and Peter played an excellent match.

    Mark Vines and Glenn Busby fell in the doubles final in a match tiebreak 10-8 to Aussies Peter Hampton & Michael Ford, and Glenn won the singles in men’s 60s.

    Wright/Pat Medrado beat us in the women’s doubles final 63 75; we nearly mounted a successful comeback in the second set because we were down 40 and just trying to get a game…we got more aggressive, I served and volleyed and came into net all the time (Robin already does that) and it changed things. Susan was a rock, didn’t really miss a ball all day and Medrado was also solid and mixed things up. It was again extremely windy…we were both covered in red dirt by the end of the two hour match.


    Klartje Van Baarle won the 55 singles, dismantling yet another opponent with the loss of only four games (Marie from France). She added the 55 doubles with Mary Dailey,
    USA, 63 76 over Fran Chandler/Shelly Works.

    Brenda Foster and Berend Betz won the 55 mixed. I don’t know who won the men’s singles but I believe he was from Germany. The 55 men’s doubles was ongoing when we left, with Polo Cowan/Dan Grossman (USA) winning the first set 76. UPDATE: They won 76 75, so Grossman has a 55 doubles world title to add to the 65s world title he won two years ago in Orlando.

    50s: Taras Beyko won the 50 singles, his second world title. He’s a Canadian. Theresa Catlin from GBR won her first singles world championship. Later in the day she won the doubles too with Siobhan Nicholson over former world champions Lesley O’Halloran/Olga Shaposhnikova.

    The day was hectic; it started with getting all of our luggage out of the apartment and to the club via Uber. We had a super nice Uber driver who went out of his way to get our stuff close to the office where we stored our luggage for the day. Jenny Cerff and Susan Wright went earlier because Susan had to play her singles. Then Susan played singles, Robin played mixed and Susan and Pat played Robin and me. As soon as we finished, realizing it was 5pm, we showered and then had photos taken and booked out of there via Uber.

    Jenny’s Phone Update: Jenny got the Portuguese tennis federation and Uber involved in retrieving her phone from Gabriela, the Uber driver who had it. She was to return it to the tennis club but in the end Jenny’s friend from So Africa who lives in Portugal had to go to her apartment and retrieve it. Jenny does now have her phone and is not letting go! She was politely persistent and it paid off.

    We arrive in Barcelona sometime around midnight (plane delay currently).

    And that’s a wrap on the 2019 ITF Seniors World Championships. I’ll update this with final results soon.

    Draws/Result are here.

    2019 ITF Senior Team & Individual Information, Draws, Results, Photos

  • World Championships Day 7: Doubles 👍 Singles 👎; Wright, Harris Into Two Finals Saturday

    Friday Night Aug. 16

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Writing about losses is not particularly fun. But I can do it as long after my match as I wish (or not at all), which is not the case on the pro tour, where they have to explain losses (and wins) only moments after they occur. Anyway, Susan Wright ended my singles tournament with a solid performance. I warmed up again with Jenny Klitch, which apparently worked well for me since I had many chances in the first set. I even led 65, but Susan hit one of her patented backhands an inch from the line (along with a couple others at deuce that were brave and accurate) and played better the whole match. It’s hard to believe she once had a 2-handed backhand that she was reluctant to abandon since her one handed shot is great. Tomorrow morning she plays Diane Barker in the final. Barker took out France’s Betty Michel 63 63.

    In 60 doubles, Susan and Pat Medrado played Tracey Thompson/Jenny Cerff which was won 64 63 by the defending champions (Susan/Pat). By all accounts it was a great match, lots of great volleys, overheads and lobs. Robin and I beat an Aussie pair, Fiona Walker/Rosemary Everett 60 63. Robin played fantastic and we won 60 63. It was somewhat windy but nothing compared to yesterday. We play Pat and Susan tomorrow afternoon.

    Thompson, Cerff, Wright, Medrado
    Shelly Works (not in gray!)/Fran Chandler

    Walker, Everett, Harris, Nichols

    Robin is into the 60 mixed final with Ross Persons against Ros Balodis and her partner. They received a default in the semis from players who didn’t anticipate doing so well in the tournament and had booked flights for today. Ross fell in men’s doubles in the semis. He said it was a really fun, good match and he played well.

    Mark Vines and Glenn Busby are into the doubles final, but Busby crushed Mark in singles earlier in the day (then they crushed their British doubles opponents).

    In the 55s, Fran Chandler/Shelly Works are into the final. They played Brenda Foster and her partner and were down 84 in the match tiebreak and came back to win it! They face Mary Dailey/Klartje Van Baarle in the final, who were lucky to be there…Van Baarle was over an hour late for the match but Vicki Buholz/Gayle Prejean agreed to play them anyway, which was quite sporting of them.

    Vicki and Jerome Vanier lost a tight semi to Brenda Foster/Berend Betz, in the match tiebreak in 55 mixed. NorCal players Polo Cowan/Dan Grossman are in the 55 doubles final. Grossman has a 65 world title to his name, so it’s impressive that he can give up 10 years and still reach the final of the worlds in doubles. They beat Betz/Frans Grimbergen of the Netherlands.

    Jenny Klitch fell in 50 singles to a French player…she too had a set point in the second set but fell just a point short of forcing a third. Canada’s Taras Beyko is into the men’s 50 singles final.

    Finals tomorrow then off to Spain.

    Draws are here.

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  • World Championships Day 6: Americans Dominate Women’s 60s on a Sunny WINDY Day in Portugal

    Thursday August 15, 2019

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Today I played two matches in one day, doubling the amount of matches I’ve played in the tournament to date. I warmed up again with Jenny Klitch (who had the day off) and then played Leanne Scott of Australia. It was very windy at 9am and we were on a shady court but after a slow start I adjusted to the wind and shade and won 62 60. Susan Wright beat Elena Polyakova of Russia 63 61 a tough little player. Diane Barker beat Fiona Walker of Australia 61 63. The fourth semifinal was between #4 seeded Betty Michel of France and Carmen Lang Verdugo of Spain and was very competitive. Michel started slowly (or Lang started quickly), dropping the first set 60, but rebounded to win the final sets 64 61. Diane plays Betty and I play Susan tomorrow.

    In doubles, Susan and Pat Medrado played a pair of Aussies, Wendy Harrison and Scott; unfortunately, Scott hurt her knee at 05 down and had to retire. Robin and I beat Annelies Simons, Netherlands and Penny Smith, NZL, and won 62 61. It was super windy though, and dusty. I was covered in clay by the end of the match, because of the swirling dust that enveloped the court. The groundskeepers couldn’t keep the clay wet enough, and there were dust clouds over the courts in the afternoon. Robin played great (to no one’s surprise) and it was a good match. We play the #3 seeds, Walker/Rosemary Everett tomorrow after they beat a pair of South African players in a match tiebreak. Tracey Thompson/Jenny Cerff beat Hazel Lindfield (GBR) and Christiane Deryckere (BEL). 76 62. They take on Susan/Pat tomorrow.

    Jenny & Tracey
    Christiane, Hazel, Tracey, Jenny
    Carolyn, Robin, Annelies, Penny

    After the doubles Susan was snacking on her lunch and a bee flew into her mouth and bit her on her tongue! Fortunately, she’s not allergic to bees and it only stung a bit (pun intended). A couple of Advil in the afternoon and she was almost as good as new.

    Robin and Ross Persons, USA won their 60 mixed today over Stephen Dance/Walker of Australia 62 76. Ross is also into the men’s doubles semis along with American Mark Vines (playing with Glenn Busby, AUS). Vines is into the semis, getting a retirement win (pulled muscle) from his opponent and plays Busby tomorrow. Diane and Jack Baker lost in the quarters of the mixed.

    Five USA women are in the 55 doubles semis, but only one was expected to be there. Fran Chandler gained a measure of revenge against Helga Nauck (who beat her in singles) and, along with Shelly Works beat Nauck/Katie Boeroecz of Germany, the top seeds 60 63. Vicki Buholz/Gayle Prejean upset the #3 seeds, and multiple world champions Ros Balodis/Leanne Swaysland in an exciting match 64 16 1/0(8), winning the match tiebreak on their third match point. They take on Mary Dailey (USA) and Klartje Van Baarle of Belgium in the semis, the 2nd seeds.

    In men’s 55 doubles Dan Grossman/Polo Cowan are into the semis. Willie Alumbaugh/Scott Works fell 12-10 in a match tiebreak though in the quarters. Collin Smith (USA)/David Smith (RSA) are into the 55 doubles semis. Bill Moss lost to Franck Hervy of France in three sets in the quarters of the 55 singles.

    To summarize: W60s: 3 singles semi finalists; 4 doubles semi finalists; MXD 60: 2 semifinalists; M60s: 1 singles semi finalist & 2 doubles semifinalists

    55s: WD: 5 semifinalists; MD: 3 semifinalists

    50s: WS: 1 semifinalist

    Draws Now Available for ITF Seniors Individual World Championships

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  • World Championships Day 5: I Played (and Won) a Singles Match

    Wednesday August 14

    Lisbon, Portugal

    9pm update: Diane/Jack Barker upset the top seeds, Mark Pepin/Julie Fiedler in straight sets to advance to the quarters; Vicki Buholz won her mixed; Danny Waldman/Norbert Henn lost in doubles. (Danny played 12 sets in the last two days of the team competition!). Ross Persons won his doubles; Polo Cowan/Dan Grossman won their 55 doubles match. Alumbaugh/Scott Works advanced in 55 doubles as well.

    It was a warm, sunny, breezy day in Lisbon. I got to the courts early to warm up with Jenny Klitch and Tracey Thompson joined us too. It was a great warm up. I was scheduled for not before noon on Center Court. The first match of the day took nearly three hours though, but Mark Vines of the USA played the second match and won in about an hour. We got on court around 1:45 or so. The court played well, though they wind swirled a bit and the sun on one end was pretty brutal for serving. I played Great Britain’s Hazel Lindfield, a nice player with an all court game and excellent, consistent first and second serve. I won 60 62 but the second set was closer than the score would indicate. I’m in the quarterfinals and play Leanne Scott from Australia.

    Carolyn & Hazel

    Action photos from Jenny Cerff’s IPad

    Susan Wright beat another Australian, Rosemary Everett handily. Then she went to scout her next opponent…the only problem being that her next opponent had played at 9am and finished before Susan began her match. She inadvertently scouted my next opponent and Diane Barker’s though. Diane played at 9am and was done before 10, beating Jenny Chin from Gr. Britain. Diane plays Fiona Walker from Australia and Susan play Poliakova from Russia. The top three seeds are Diane, Susan and me; Betty Michel of France is the 4th seed and played the other American in the draw, #12 seeded Tracey Thompson. Thompson, who has played sparingly the last two years (but watch out, she’s retired now and ready to compete more), got out of the gates quickly (maybe it was the good warm up?), surprising Michel with her power and won it 64. Michel though fought back and won the last two sets 62 61 to reach the quarters.

    Mark Vines, M60 is into the quarters. Danny Waldman though fell to Glenn Busby. The first set took nearly two hours and featured momentum shifts galore. Danny was down 3/0; leveled and eventually served for the set at 65 and was broken; Glenn led 63 in the breaker only to have Danny level and get a set point of his own before Glenn prevailed 76 and then won the second set 61. It was a high quality match for much of it, those guys really smack the ball. Mark Vines also advanced to the doubles quarters with Busby.

    Busby v Waldman

    Jenny Klitch, W50, is into the semis beating Spaniard Leticia Almirall in straight sets.

    Vicki Buholz, W55, lost to top seeded Van Baarle 60 62. It’s no mean feat getting two games off of Van Baarle on clay!

    A day after Willie Alumbaugh upset the #2 seed, he fell to Italian Raffaello Putti 63 63. It’s never good to play a Rafa on clay.

    Robin Harris and Ross Persons won their mixed match by default. We were sorry for the injury one of their opponents had but happy that we didn’t have to stay for Robin’s 7pm mixed match!

    Jenny Cerff left her cell phone in an Uber and we have not yet retrieved it. The driver’s name was Gabriella and she answered the first time we called and said she found it…but has ghosted us ever since. Uber, find our phone! We’ve messaged you many times but so far no traction on that. We now take a screen shot of the license plates of all Ubers which pick us up. I lost my metal water bottle in one, but that’s nothing compared to a cell phone.

    Jenny Cerff, Carolyn

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  • World Championships Day 4: Played a Match!

    Lisbon, Portugal

    It’s Tuesday in Lisbon; the Individual World Championships began Saturday and due to byes and a default today was the first day I played a match of any kind. Robin and I played at the Club Internacional de Foot-Ball, and won 61 60 against two nice women, Salete Nery from Brazil and Elize Preuyt from So Africa. Nery has only been playing eight years and Elize works full time as a teacher, but both love the game and are enjoying the world championships. We are now into the quarters.

    Susan Wright and Pat Medrado won their first round by the same score. Jenny Cerff and Tracey Thompson dropped the first three games of their match today and then won the next 8, winning 63 62. Both teams are in the quarters and on a semifinal collision course. Tracey won her second round singles match and Diane Barker won her first, both are into the round of 16 now, with Susan Wright and myself.

    Clockwise from top left; A Florida D2 College player (lefty); Elna Botha, RSA,Carolyn; Robin; Jenny Cerff

    Other American results:

    Women: Jenny Klitch in women’s 50s is into the quarters. Fran Chandler fell in a very well played match to Helga Nauck from Germany, the 3rd seed 64 75. Shelly Works lost to Mariana Metola of Argentina in the round of 32. Vicki Buholz won a contentious match with Marina Korepanova of Russia 64 in the third..her reward, a meeting with top-seeded Klartje Van Baarle of Belgium, new to the age division. In doubles, Fran Chandler/Shelly Works advanced; Buholz/Gayle Prejean won and Mary Dailey was playing with Van Baarle.

    Men: In the 50s, Dana Gill fell to #7 seed Fernando Granero of Spain 62 76; in the 55s, Willie Alumbaugh upset #2 seeded Simon Arms of Australia in three sets to reach the round of 16; Scott Works fell to Michael Kudinoff of Sweden 76 62, but had beaten the #16 seed a day earlier; in the 60s, defending champion and top seed Mark Vines is into the round of 16 as is Danny Waldman; Waldman faces Glenn Busby of Australia there. In doubles Waldman/Norbert Henn, Busby/Vines and Ross Persons/Joakim Berner are still going.

    In mixed, Vicki Buholz/Jerome Vanier (France) are in the round of 16 in the 55s; in the 60s, Jack and Diane Barker take on the first seeds in the round of 16 and #2 seeded Ross Persons/Robin Harris are also in the round of 16.

    The order of play isn’t out yet, but given that it’s Wednesday tomorrow and we are in the round of 16, I assume we have the singles round of 16 tomorrow.

    Draws Now Available for ITF Seniors Individual World Championships

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  • Individual World Championships Lisbon, Day 3: Waiting to Play

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Today I was scheduled to play at the Club Internacional de Foot-Ball not before 4pm. Susan was scheduled there not before noon while Jenny Cerff had a 10:30 match at Estadio Nacional Jamor and Robin and Jenny were to play mixed with their respective partners there not before 5:30 pm.

    Tracey, not wanting to miss any adventure, and Robin went to Sintra, a world heritage site near Lisbon. They did get to one of the castles, but due to traffic, lines to enter and the fact that Robin had to play in the evening they didn’t get into the castle. However, they really enjoyed the ride and saw some new countryside.

    Since I didn’t play till late it was my job to do the grocery shopping in the morning. We have it down now…the mini market for freshly baked chicken, apples and sweet potatoes, and the supermarket for other supplies.

    Robin won her mixed match with Ross Persons; Susan won her singles match; Jenny lost a tough one in singles 75 in singles and had to play Ros Balodis in mixed so they lost. I ubered over to the Foot-Ball club and saw the open court 2, which was the one I was assigned. But my opponent, who won a first round match, never showed up to play. Fortunately, Susan was nice enough to practice with me. The courts were really dry and slippery by the time we hit…not much clay on them (plus it was quite windy, which is normal for Lisbon according to locals).

    Tomorrow Robin and I play doubles at noon; Tracey plays singles at 10:30 and doubles at 4 with Jenny and Susan plays doubles at 4. We all play at the Foot-Ball club.

    Draws are here.

    2019 ITF Senior Team & Individual Information, Draws, Results, Photos

  • USA Wins Alice Marble, Von Cramm and Maria Bueno Cups in Lisbon; Finishes Fourth in Maureen Connolly

    Lisbon, Portugal, Friday Aug 9th

    The USA three of six cups at the 2019 ITF Seniors World Team Championships in Portugal, and none of the victories were easy today, with all three teams splitting singles and winning the deciding doubles point.

    The most nerve wracking part of our day was when Susan opened up her racquet case to discover that…her strings had broken yet again! The one that she’d never hit with broke in a second spot and the one she’d just had strung yesterday also broke overnight. So she couldn’t even warm up with us. She had one strung with a multifilament string (instead of gut) and hit with it; during the rain delay I had her string the second one. So she was set to play with something other than natural gut for the first time ever.

    The Alice Marble Cup (W60) beat France to regain the Cup they lost last year to Australia. I played #2 singles and lost rather badly to Catherine Suire who really played well. Then it rained and there was a two hour delay. When play resumed, Diane Barker was up at #1 against Betty Michel and won the first set 62. The second set was closer, but after having match points at 54, Diane closed it out 75 to send the match into the doubles. Since Susan’s strings were still intact, Diane and Susan Wright took on Benedict LeGrand and Suire. They were down early but rallied to 45 and nearly leveled the set before dropping it 64. They made some adjustments and took the second 63, and went up 1/0 in the third. Suire took a medical time out and had her ankle taped (we thought she was cramping but apparently not). Nonetheless Suire played aggressively, hitting her share of winners, and LeGrand moved well and covered many lobs. Susan and Diane (the MVP of the Cup) won the third and the Cup 63.

    The men’s 60s was perhaps more dramatic. They played Germany. Danny Waldman won a tough three-setter at #2 singles; Mark Vines fell to Norbert Henn at #1 singles. Mike Tammen and Danny (MVP of their team) won the deciding doubles in three sets though the third set was won emphatically by the USA. Tammen is an amazing doubles player and Waldman is also a terrific doubles player though with a different style. They dedicated their win to Wes Cash who was originally on the team but had to withdraw when his wife became ill.

    The Maria Bueno Cup team beat Spain 2/1. They dropped the first three sets of the tie, and won the next four. Julie Cass lost at #2 singles; Debbie Spence Nasim won at #1, playing her third singles three-setter in as many days, winning 67 62 61. Nasim/Ros Nideffer won the doubles point decisively 60 63 to retain their title. They had to play indoors due to bad weather. Photos below by Andrea Rice.

    The USA Maureen Connolly Cup team fell to France 2/1. Shelly Works was down a match point at #2 singles and hit the back of the line to level the game; she ended up winning in three sets. Vicki Buholz lost at #1 singles. Mary Dailey/Buholz, playing under lights, lost a tough one 75 in the third, playing till about 10pm. They earned copper medals for fourth place.

    The Austria Cup team, men’s 55, finished around 10pm as well, falling to Italy in both singles, and finished in 6th place.

    The Fred Perry Cup team, men’s 50, finished 7th, beating Germany 2/1 in the 7/8 playoff.

    The individual World Championships begin tomorrow.

    Draws Now Available for ITF Seniors Individual World Championships

    Draws For Seniors Cups

    Photos from World Championships

    2019 ITF Senior Team & Individual Information, Draws, Results, Photos

  • USA Into Final in Men’s and Women’s 60s; Women’s 55 Fall to Netherlands; Women’s 50s Win a Late Match

    Lisbon, Portugal

    The USA women’s 60 team (Alice Marble) had the most straightforward match of the day, winning 3/0 against Great Britain to advance to the final. I played singles vs Anne Clark and won 61 64, though Anne started playing really well at about 4-2 in the second and we had a big battle the rest of the way. Anne has great anticipation and a fantastic backhand. Diane Barker beat Sue Bartlett at #1 62 75. Sue went up 5-4 in the second at which point Diane found another gear to go up 65. The last game was a tough one, but Diane didn’t back off her aggressive play and secured the win. Diane and Susan Wright completed the sweep with a 62 62 win over Tish Peal/Hazel Lindfield. We play France tomorrow. France edged Australia 2/1, winning a tightly contested deciding doubles 75 75 (rallying from 0-3 in the second set).

    Center, W55 vs NetherlandsBottom, W60 vs Britain

    The men’s Von Cramm Cup team edged Australia 2/1. Danny Waldman won in three sets over Mike Ford at #2; Glenn Busby beat Mark Vines in straight sets and Waldman/Mike Tammen won 64 36 64 over Busby/Ford to clinch the tie. They played on center court and there was a big crowd for the doubles match. Photos will follow tomorrow or Saturday. They play Germany tomorrow.

    The USA women’s 55 team fell to Netherlands. Vicki Buholz played Carole DeBruin at #2 and lost a heartbreaker…she won the first set, lost the second and the topsy-turvy final set fittingly ended in a tiebreak, won 75 by the Dutch. Tracy Houk fell to Lisa Prechtel at #1 singles and Shelly Works/Mary Dailey lost their doubles match in a a match tiebreak.

    The women’s 50 team got a late start in Estoril due to rain, and only started after 2 in the afternoon. They played France and I believe are still on court. Julie Cass won in three sets at #2; Debbie Nasim lost in three sets at #1 and TBD for the doubles. Ros Nideffer and Debbie Nasim are playing the doubles…which is being played now under lights, starting around 9pm!

    USA down a set and up 5/2 second set. Will update tomorrow morning.

    Update, USA won 62 in third to advance to the final. 9 sets played, finished in fog at around 10:30 pm. Photo & updates by Andrea Rice.

    USA Men’s 50 lost 3/0 to Belgium in the 5-8 playoff today. They play Germany in the 7-8 playoff tomorrow.

    USA Men’s 55 had a bye today and play for 5th tomorrow.

    The Gala Dinner last night was exceptional. It was in a botanical garden, nicely lighted as we walked through to the banquet area. The food was great and there were lots of fun deserts. We walked to the dinner from our accommodations and showed Tracey Thompson, who arrived yesterday, the view from the park.

    Draws Now Available for ITF Seniors Individual World Championships

    Draws For Seniors Cups

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  • Draws Now Available for ITF Seniors Individual World Championships

    The draws for the ITF Seniors Individual World Championships are now available. Click here to view.

    The women’s 60 singles draw features three of the USA Women’s 60 team as the top three seeds including multiple world singles champion Diane Barker at #1.

  • USA Goes 6/0 on Tuesday in Portugal

    Lisbon, Portugal

    All the USA teams won today 3/0 to advance to the knockout portion of the draw.

    We beat Spain. I played #2 singles and won 64 61 against Patricia Armet, a Spaniard who lives in Argentina. Mid match my toenail decided to come off (I hurt it in May) and I had to have the trainer come out and cut it off after the first set, but now it’s fine. Patricia was really fast and consistent…I went to net a lot! Diane won quickly 60 61 at #2 against Carmen Chillida and Susan and Robin won the doubles vs Carmen Lang and Heide Deda Kolata 63 60 (they were up 32 when Diane came out to coach them and they didn’t lose a game after that.)

    We play Argentina tomorrow. They edged Germany 2/1. Germany won the #2 singles and I watched some of the #1 singles at the beginning where the Germany #1 was cruising, winning the first set 60. The match became more physical in the second and the rallies were long as both players are counterpunchers. The Argentinian #1, Marcelo wore out her German opponent, winning the third set 61. Argentina has a very strong doubles team and won the deciding match to advance to the quarters. Germany now plays for 6th.

    I saw the men’s 55 playing Ireland. They were winning pretty convincingly…Bill Moss is below belting a forehand.

    Here are a few photos of the women’s 55 team. I ran into Vicki Buholz and gave her a quick lesson on air drop and google photos and got some photos dropped back to me in exchange. USA beat Brazil today in women’s 55.

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    Photos from Lisbon


  • Fishy Business in Portugal on an Off Day for USA Teams

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Luisa Gouveia told me a few weeks ago that seafood was the specialty of Portugal. So far we’ve tried salmon, squid and a white fish. Today we were at the market, with Google Translate working hard to let us know what the various fish names were in English (we did recognize octopus). We decided on sea bass, which here are displayed whole. However, there was someone behind the counter who weighed then cleaned the fish (but the head was left on the fish). I searched how to cook it, and we’ll bake it later tonight. That was our main food adventure today.

    Update: the fish was fresh and very good.

    Another specialty of Portugal is the Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese egg/cream tart, as mentioned in an earlier blog. The first ones we tried were the perfect blend of crisp pastry and a dense, not too sweet custard filling (Fabrica de Nata). They were great, but a 20 minute walk away. So we tried some from the pastry shop by the El Corte Ingles. I did not try these since Robin & Susan tried them first…the verdict; tough pasty crust but good filling. At any rate, all were eaten in one sitting. Today we tried one at a local pastelaria, or pastry shop. We all tried it…crust was a bit chewy, but better than the ones from last night, but the filling was too sweet. So I’m sure we’ll be walking back to Fabrica de Nata again this week.

    Susan was complaining about the taste of the milk here. What we didn’t realize was that it was goat milk…we didn’t notice the picture on the bottle till it was empty (ok we never realized it…Robin did). Hopefully the bovine milk will be better tasting. #wedontspeakportuguese

    Susan and I took Robin up to see the view of the city from a nearby hotel. We could see our apartment from there.

    This was the view behind us (washed out in the photo).

    We did play some tennis today, on court 22, which is very short. For me, that would be good and bad…some balls would go over my head but many of my balls were going in and then hitting the fence without being touched. We had some good drills and doubles though. Somehow the discussion of string tension came up…Susan strings her racquet (a Dunlop) at the max, 63 or 63 pounds with natural gut; Diane is at 60 with a Babolat and multifilament; Robin is at 58 with multifilament and also a Babolat…and bringing up the rear, I string a 105 Volkl at 44 pounds with multifilament (or 48 with gut). After tennis we stretched a long time and then headed back to the apartment via the Kapten, a ride-sharing business (like Uber).

    Tomorrow we play Spain, which is a stronger team than Brazil.

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    Photos from Lisbon


    And that’s a wrap on Day 2 of the 2019 ITF Seniors World Team Championships.

  • Alice Marble Cup Team Defeats Brazil; USA M60 Advance on Sunday in Portugal; USA Goes 6/0 on Day 1

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Today was the start of the ITF Seniors World Team Championships. We played Brazil today, starting at 9:30. I played #2 singles and won 60 60; Diane played #1 and won by the same score and Susan Wright/Robin Harris played flawlessly in doubles to complete the win.

    After we won our tie, we wandered over to the men’s 60 match (on court 24 of 24). They had started the day at a deficit, dropping #2 singles (Ross Persons) but Mark Vines won at #1 fairly comfortably (dropping 4 games) and Danny Waldman/Mike Tammen played great doubles to win the match 62 62.

    We then went to watch Tracy Houk play #1 singles for the USA women’s 55 team. Vicki Buholz won at #2 singles, but Tracy was in a dogfight…which 4 hours and 50 minutes later she lost so it came down to the doubles, at which time we left. The USA won the doubles, 60 36 63, with Vicki Buholz and Mary Dailey taking the doubles point.

    On our way out we saw the USA men’s 55 take on Portugal on the Center Court. It was a very noisy, pro Portugal crowd watching. Stu Saiki won at #2 singles and rookie Cup player Leo Young, playing his first ever Cup match was put in at #1 singles. He dropped the first set 64, then we had to leave. However, the USA team did win the tie 2-1, winning the doubles point.

    The Women’s 50s won 3/0 in Estoril, dropping only four games. The USA Men’s 50s won 3/0 over Bolivia. Both teams are off tomorrow.

    Susan, Robin and I walked up the Park Eduardo VII to the bridge, which had a fantastic view over Lisbon to the sea, with a maze below the bridge leading to buildings, then to the sea.

    We then walked to the El Corte Ingles and went to the grocery store of course. That one is huge. I got fresh squid and cooked it for dinner…along with salmon for the less adventurous.

    We have the day off and will practice early tomorrow. Tuesday we take on Spain.

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    2019 ITF Seniors Teams Maureen Connolly Cup (W55) 

    2019 ITF Seniors Von Cramm Cup (M60) 

    2019 ITF Seniors Alice Marble Cup (W60) 

  • Team Practice, Sim Cards and Pasteis de Nata

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Today we had our first complete team practice, as Robin arrived too late yesterday to practice. We played some singles and doubles and stayed from about 10-1. The clay here is very hard, the ground is hard and feels more like a hard court than a clay court. It’s also been very windy and the courts at the park where we’re playing are in long swaths and wide open.

    I had to take the selfie because I’m the tall one in this group. 🙂

    The park is huge, with soccer fields, indoor hard courts, dozens of outdoor clay courts, a stream, soccer fields, golf courses and more, acres and acres of greenery too.

    We are pretty sure we have the Uber thing down and were dropped off and picked up without drama today. (The official transport, not so much, they were dropped off far away this morning).

    After we practiced, Robin, Susan and I headed back to our apartment and while Robin rested and napped, Susan and I headed out in search of an unlocked cell phone and a European SIM card. We headed toward Vodafone, but they only sold locked cell phones. But we were told to go to another store in a shopping center up the hill. On the way up we were treated to not one but two classical music concerts by street artists, one a four person orchestra, the next a solo on a large stringed instrument. On Friday afternoon, the streets were packed, since we were approaching the old town.

    I got the phone and the SIM card,a and mostly have figured out an android phone.

    On the way up we had tried our first Pasteis de Nata, or Portuguese Custard Tarts. They are buttery sweet tarts with an aromatic custard that gets backed till it’s just scorched on top. We both found them delicious so stopped in again on the way back and bought a few more. Robin enjoyed them too.