USA Teams Undefeated on Day 4 of the ITF Masters World Championships

Here is a link to all. photos I have taken and been given of the teams and sight seeing too.


Today we, Women’s 65, Godfree Cup, beat Austria 3/0. I played Ingrid Pils at #2 and won 1,3, Susan played a near perfect match to beat Maya at #1 61 61 and Carolyn Lane and Bunnie Jackson also played great doubles to beat Hildegard and Sylvie, who are pretty good at doubles, 60 61.

The Men’s 70s, Crawford Cup, had to win two tough 3-set singles matches to advance to the semis over Great Britain; they did not play the doubles. The #1 singles match was interrupted when one of the Spanish men’s players on court 1 was warming up and collapsed with an apparent heart attack. There was a long delay while he was worked on with CPR and a defibrillator. He did, thank goodness, regain consciousness and was speaking and was taken to the hospital.

The Women’s 70, 75 & 80 teams all won; the 75s won 2/1.

The women’s 70s won 3/0 over Argentina; the women’s 75 won 2/1 over Finland (Toni Novack at #1 and Liane Bryson/Brenda Carter won the doubles; Gwenda Ward fell at #2) and the women’s 80s won 3/0 over Great Britain, but it wasn’t easy…Cathie Anderson won 61 36 12-10 match tiebreak! The women’s 85s did not play. The women’s 75s play France in the final.

The men’s 65s edged Spain 2/1; Mike Tammen lost in three sets at #2; Mark Vines won in 3 sets at #1, rallying rom 26 24 to win the match and Tammen/Danny Waldman blanked the Spaniards 0,0 in doubles. They play France in the semis tomorrow.

USA vs Spain 2/1

The men’s 75s beat Ireland

The men’s 80s beat France 3/0, not losing a set. They play Italy in the final.

The men’s 85s won 2/1 again, this time against Germany in the three team playoff for the gold. So they are essentially in the final on Friday.

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