USA Wins 4 Cups; Four Teams Finish Second; Marble Cup Places Third

USA won the Von Cramm Cup (men’s 60s); Gardnar Mulloy (men’s 80s); Kitty Godfree (women’s 65s) and Althea Gibson (Women’s 70s).

USA finished 2nd in four other cups, Men’s 65s (Britannia), 70s (Crawford) 75s (Bitsy Grant); Women’s 75s (Queens)

USA finished 3rd in the Alice Marble Cup, women’s 60s.

USA did not lose a match in winning the Von Cramm, Mulloy, Godfree and Gibson Cups.

USA beat Germany to win the Von Cramm Cup. Michael Beautyman was impressive, beating Peter Adrigan 60 63 (and was up 5-1 in the 2nd); Brian Cheney played a great #1 singles match and Captain Jimmy Parker and Hugh Thomson won the doubles point.

USA beat Australia to win the Gardar Mulloy Cup. Tony Franco fought hard and ran hard to beat Hillier at #2 singles, and Graydon Nichols served and volleyed and returned well to win at #1 singles over Doug Corbet. Bill Tully and Roald Flater took the doubles point.

In the Godfree Cup, Char Hillebrand took the #2 singles point and Suella Steel won the #1 singles match. Cathie Anderson/Sinclair Bill finished the sweep with a doubles win. This was an exceptionally strong team, with all four players winning singles and doubles matches throughout the week. USA beat Great Britain in this final.

In the Gibson Cup, USA beat Australia. Dori deVries played #2 singles and had one close set but won in straight sets. Dorothy Matthiessen beat Margaret Robbins at #1 singles (but there’s no truth the the rumor that she was jumping rope on changeovers), and Roz King/Burnette Herrick played a great doubles match to finish the sweep.

The 65 men lost to Germany 2-1. Alan Carter was edged at #2 singles, in a match where USA won more games but fewer sets, 76 16 76; Bob Howes of Australia then beat Fred Drilling at #1 singles. Hernando/Campbell won the doubles point.

The men’s 70s team lost to Australia 2-1. Herm Ahlers had a long three setter at #2 singles but fell a bit short, losing 64 in the third. At #1, Bob Duesler played Peter Froehlich and lost the first set 64, but rallied to win the 2nd 60. However, an early break gave Froehlich confidence and he zoned the rest of the set, winning it 60. Duesler/Gordon Davis won the doubles point.

In the men’s 75s, USA lost 2-1 to Canada. Chuck DeVoe won the #2 singles points, beating Ken Sinclair of Canada in straight sets. Lorne Main then won (as usual) at #2 singles, beating George McCabe 63 64. DeVoe/Tom Springer (playing on his first Cup team), lost 62 76 to Main/Sinclair.

In the women’s 75s, the USA lost to Great Britain 2-1.

USA won the 3/4 playoff in the Alice Marble Cup, bettering their 2006 finish of 5th and assuring that every US team would medal. They beat last year’s finalist, Australia 2-1. Betty Wachob won easily at #2 singles; Brenda Carter lost at #1 singles to Carol Campling and Carter/Wachob won the doubles point 63 63.

The individuals started today with many seeds playing tomorrow for the first time.


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