USA Wins in Five of Six Cups on Day 1 in Miami Beach

The USA teams went 5-1 on Sunday in Miami Beach. The women’s teams swept their opposition, winning three matches without dropping a match, while the men’s 35 and 40s teams won. The USA men’s 45 team played #2 seeded France on the first day and fell 2/1.

The Italia (M35) team beat India 3/0. This team consists of four first time Cup players. Jonathan’s Sucupira at #2 and Matthew Hane at #2 won the singles; Brandon Blankenbaker and Nick Rainey won the doubles point. Hane and Blankenbaker brought built in cheering sections…parents, including Matt’s mother Diane Barker, herself a veteran of over 20 Cup teams.

The Trabert (M40) beat Mexico 3/0 Chris Groer at #2 and Ross Duncan at #1 won in singles and Ryan Pang and Sam Schroerlucke took the doubles point.

The Dubler (M45) took a drubbing in singles, but Neel Grover and Jason Wilkes won the doubles point.

The Lenglen (W35) beat Paraguay 3/0. Julie Thu won at #2 in three sets; cup rookie Anda Perianu made a successful Cup debut at #1 and Kaysie Smashey/Kate Janosek took the doubles point.

The Young (W40) beat Mexico 3/0. Another Cup rookie, Lizl Kotz started the team off with a win at #2 singles; Millie Yablonicky won at #1 singles and Carolina Blouin/Debbie Higa made it 3/0.

The Margaret Court (W45) team won 3/0 over Ireland. Julie Cass at #2 and Nancy Hilliard at #1 won the singles points; Tracie Currie/Tangerine Manning (another first time Cup player) won the doubles in three sets.

Please click on the links below to view the draws and results to date for the 2018 ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships. If you click on “matches” and select the day it’s easy to find the schedule for that Cup.

Suzanne Lenglen Cup (W35)

Young Cup (W40)

Margaret Court Cup (W45)

Italia Cup (M35)

Tony Trabert Cup (M40)

Dubler Cup (M45)

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