USA Wins M70 & 80 Cups; Takes Silver in M65 & 75 on Friday; W 75 in a Rain Delay

April 29, 2022

The USA finished the Super Senior World Team Championships with six gold, three silver and one team playing for 2/3.

USA won M70/80/85 & W 65/70/85. France won W 75; Germany won W80; Australia won M65 & Spain won M75. Congratulations everyone!

The USA Men’s 80 team beat Great Britain today to win the Gardnar Mulloy Cup in Boynton Beach, FL. I’ve Barbie took the #2 singles point and Fred Drilling/Michael Stewart won the doubles point.

The USA Men’s 70s split their singles matches yesterday and came back today to win the doubles point and the Jack Crawford Cup.

Mazo, Litwin, Sivertson, Wulf

The USA men’s 65 team lost to a very tough Australia team. Dan Waldman beat Steve Dance 4,0; Glenn Busby (AUS) beat Mark Vines 76 64 to even the tie; Wayne Pascoe/Busby beat Vines/Waldman 4,2, so the USA wins silver.

Men’s 65 team, Silver Medalists

The USA men’s 75 team fell 2/1 in the final to a very tough Spanish team. Geoff Moore won at #2 against Camina Borda in three sets; Michael Beautyman lost in three sets to Velasco and Les Buck/Moore fell to Velasco/Camina Borda in straight sets.

The USA women’s 75 team did not finish its playoff for the silver because of inclement weather. They will finish tomorrow.

USA Won W 65/70/85 & M 70/80/85

USA finished second in W 80, M 65/75 and is playing for second in W75

Great job USA teams.

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