USA Wins RR Group in W65, 80, M65,75; First Monday Update; 2nd Monday Update: W75, M80 Win RR Group

Writing from California, USA around 5:15 pm Croatia Time

Update 7pm Croatia time: USA Men’s 80 finished a 3/0 win over Sweden; Quall won 10-4 in a match tiebreak and Ahlers/Jones won the doubles point. USA won its round robin group

USA Women’s 75 defeated Canada 3/0; Hillebrand won in straight sets as did Cathie Anderson/Suella Steel in doubles. USA has won it’s round robin group.

Still no score for women’s 70 doubles.

The USA won the Women’s 65, 80, and Men’s 65, 75 three team round robins today. The women’s 70 split their singles against Germany and the Women’s 75 & Men’s 80 are up 1/0 after #2 singles. (They may be done but I’m only going from the scores reported on the ITF website). The men’s 70 are also undefeated but are in a four team round robin. The men’s 85 team is in one, five team round robin group and are 2/0 so far.

Kitty Godfree (W65): The USA beat So Africa 2/0 behind the singles play of Wendy McColskey (#2), Tina Karwasky (#1) and the doubles play of Lil Peltz-Petow and Jan Kirkland-Cochran.

Althea Gibson Cup (W70); Judy Dixon beat Barbara Van Ende at #2, but Toni Novack lost to Heidi Eisterlehner (multiple world singles champion) 63 63. Dixon/Liane Bryson are set to play the doubles.

Queens Cup (W75): Carolann Castell won a tough three setter against Canada (Claude) and Charleen Hillebrand was next to face Gisela at #1 singles.

Doris Hart Cup (W80). The USA beat Australia 3/0 yesterday. Carol Wood and Sheila Palmer did win the doubles point late in the day after the USA won two marathon singles matches. Today in contrast, they beat Ukraine 3/0 without losing a game in any match. Wood and Burnett Herrick won the singles points and Palmer/Dorothy Wasser won the doubles.

Britannia Cup, M65. The USA handled Poland easily, behind the singles play of Geoff Cykman at #2, Mark Meyers at #1 (who won 60 60) and Gary Jenkins/Tom Smith won the doubles.

Jack Crawford Cup, M70. The men’s 70s team is looking strong so far. They are ahead 2/0 as of now, having won the #2 singles (Brent Abel) and #1 singles (Bob Litwin) handily with Abel/Gottlieb set to play the doubles point. They played Italy today. The photo is from Brent’s FB page.

The Bitsy Grant Cup team (M75) beat Sweden. Don Long won at #2 and Jimmy Parker at #2; Dean Corley/Dave Dollins were set to play the doubles point. They won their group with this win.

The men’s 80, Gardnar Mulloy Cup, won at #2 singles (Lester Sack) and Quall was to face Gaba from Denmark at #1 singles. No results reported yet.

The men’s 85 Cup team beat Great Britain 3/0. Today George McCabe played #2 singles, Van Nostrand won at #1 and John Powless/Joe Russell won the doubles point. D

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