USA Wins Six World Titles in

USA went six for six in completed matches on Friday the 13th at the USTA National Campus. The only bad luck was the weather which halted play for the day at 6pm, leaving two medal round ties unfinished, the Women’s 70 final between USA and Netherlands and the men’s 65 3/4 playoff between Italy and Australia. 

In the 70s, the USA won at #2 singles (Carol Clay) and NED won at #1 (Brenda Carter). Carter/Sue Kimball won the first set of the final and were serving at 34 in the second when play was halted. The are scheduled to finish at 9 tomorrow. 

USA won the 85s 2/1; the men’s 80 won 3/0, though Sack came back from a set and 52 before rallying to win. The men’s 65 won both singles. The USA won both singles in the the 65s against Australia. 

The USA won the women’s 80s 2/1, and swept the singles in the women’s 80s.

Individuals starts tomorrow. 

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