USA Young Senior Cups Wrap: USA Finishes Out of Medals 

The USA Young Seniors (35, 40 and 45+) fought very had but finished out of the medals (1st-3rd) in all six cups for the first time. 

For all results and links to photos and the individual world championships (once draws are made) click here.
The Lenglen Cup team, playing for third today, lost 3/0 to Germany. 

The Young Cup team, W40, playing for 5th place, lost 2/1 to Canada (which was led by Maureen Drake). Canada was excited!

The USA Margaret Court Cup team beat South Africa 2/0 to finish 6th. 

The Dubler Cup team, Men’s 45, finished with a win today over Spain to finish 5th. 

The Tony Trabert Cup team, which won yesterday to put them into the 7/8 place playoff, lost today 2/0 to Spain, finishing 8th in the Trabert Cup. 

The USA Italia Cup team lost yesterday and played today for 9th place and won, beating Canada 3/0. 

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