USTA Women’s 30 Grass to Use One-Set per Match Format at Forest Hills

This is cut and pasted from the home page of the 30-80 Grass Courts (link below). This is just for your information; I did not create this verbiage.



We will start the 30s on Friday.
SCORING: matches will be one advantage set with a tie-breaker at 6-all. Finals will be 2 out of 3 advantage sets for both singles & doubles.
Day 1 we will run flighted, seeded round robins for both singles & doubles. The number of flights will depend on the number of entrants. If we get the right number for a compass draw, we will do that.
Day 2 we will continue with the round robins or play finals if we are at that point.
Day 3 is the same as Day 2, if needed.
Players will play a max of 3 singles and 3 doubles a day (other than finals) with a 10 minute break between single set matches (singles & doubles). We will give players a 90 minute break between singles and doubles if they wish.
Practice courts for the 30s will be available Thursday, July 17 at 4pm. Players may call the Pro Shop 24 hrs. in advance to reserve practice courts. Pro Shop number is 718-268-2300 x127.

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