Parting Impressions of the ITF World Seniors Championships

1: Making lemonade from lemons award: Eoin Collins, who entered the World Championships to play doubles with Jeff Tarango (who withdrew after losing first round in singles) and ended up winning the 45 singles!

2: Serena is really popular, judging by how many players were ogling her practice sessions the first week. Venus was sighted the second week practicing at BallenIsles too (their home club).

3: Location matters in hosting seniors tournaments: The draws in Florida were record setting and there were qualifying events for men’s 45, 50 & 55 singles.

4: Most of the Club members had no idea what the ITF World Team & Individual championships were about.

5: Hydro clay courts (with underground watering systems) are wonderful.

6: The player dinner in Boca was spectacular (all those deserts!)

7: The USA women’s 45 team came up with a catchy new chant during the men’s 45 final: Allez, Allez, USA…Allez, Allez, USA (yes, the men were playing France)

8: Congratulations to the team champions: Suzanne Lenglen : France; Young : Great Britain; Margaret Court: USA; Maria Bueno: France; Maureen Connolly: USA; Italia: Spain; Tony Trabert: Austria; Dubler: USA; Fred Perry: France; Austria: Australia.

9: The USA players don’t know each other, but the Brits, Aussies, South Africans and others certainly do and cheer for each other and follow other teams’ progress.

10: Country names on the back of players’ shirts in the team event was terrific. All were highly visible except USA (too small).

11: The level of play was extremely high; the level of media attention was not, outside of the ITF seniors website which was terrific.

12:  Facebook was the place to be to find out information on the Cups in particular and also the individuals.

13: The official ITF photographers really love this event (thanks Susan and Fred Mullane).

14: Introduction of the IPIN is a success for seniors.

15: By the numbers: 1: Number of #1 seeded singles players who won (Glen Busby, M55); 2: Number of #1 seeded doubles teams which won their event (Ros Balodis/Leeann Swaysland, W50) & Daniel Dolbea/Marc Leimbach, M35); 3: Number of titles won by Sandrine Testud (40 Singles/Doubles/Mixed); 3: Unseeded singles champions (Angelika Roesch, W35; Eoin Collins,) M45 & Julie Cass, W45); 3: Unseeded doubles champions  (W35,W40, M45)

16: USA by the numbers: 1: Number of mixed doubles champions: Rick Leach/Erika Smith; 3: Winning Cup teams (M/W 45, W55); 3: US players to win singles titles: Cass, Collins and Fran Chandler (W50); 4: Winning doubles teams: Gee Gee Garvin/Simona Bruetting (W35); Ricado Mendivil/Aldo Burger (M45); Mike Tammen/Danny Waldman (M55); Carolyn Nichols/Pam Cooke (W55).

17: Number of players,  team division: 39: Number of countries; 200: 195: Number of teams; 739: Number of players

18: Number of players, individuals: 33: Number of events (main draw, singles consolation and qualifying) 50+: Number of countries; 820 Number of players (most playing two events; some three)

19: Number of venues: Team: six (Boca Raton: Boca West CC; Polo Club; Woodfield CC & Boca Grove); Palm Beach Gardens: BallenIsles CC & PGA Resort & Spa Individuals: six  (Palm Beach Gardens: BallenIsles, PGA, PBG City Courts & Mirasol CC; Jupiter: Jonathon’s Landing and Frenchman’s Creek)

20: Trish Faulkner, at 69 had seemingly limitless energy and put on a very successful event along with the many sponsor, the ITF and the USTA and Palm Beach County.

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