Victoria & Albert Museum, Snowy London

Sunday morning I woke up to snow and sleet. I moved hotels and by Regents Park there was a lot of snow and it was slippery. I was happy to be wearing waterproof boots.

I went to the Victoria & Albert (V & A) museum not far from Knightsbridge (home to Harrods). It has a lot of displays of British interior items from the past 800-100 years up to present including displays of furniture, clothing, fireplaces, wedding chests, doors, paintings, ceramics and more. It’s 6 stories high.

In the center was a huge Chihuly glass piece. And an interesting Christmas tree shaped structure was by the entrance. Entrance was free.

After leaving the museum I walked to Harrods and looked at the lights and Christmas decorations. Then I walked through Hyde and Green parks past the “Winter Wonderland ” (at which point my phone conked out. It was cold). The “Winter Wonderland” is part Christmas fair part amusement park.

And that’s a wrap on this Europe trip. Two trains and two planes then home!

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