Waiting To Play

Today was a overcast drizzly day in Germany. The matches scheduled for nine didn’t get on till 11 o’clock or later. However despite off and on drizzle only one match was still on court at 8 o’clock in the evening when I left.

I ran into a 45s player from Brazil, who is playing the tournament for the first time, and ended up getting to hit for an hour at an alternate site. The Wilson balls used here are a little heavier than the ones used in Austria last week. On the other hand it was really wet out so that might’ve been part of the difference.

As it turns out I’m going to be taking the bus to and from the tournament here. The bus runs every 10 minutes from a spot about a block away from the hotel. Renting a bike was difficult here, because the bikes were all rented out.

The advantage of taking the bus today was that there was a farmer’s market next to my stop, selling fruits, vegetables, plants, cheese, bread, & sausages.

It has started raining hard now, but these courts drain amazingly quickly.






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