Walking in the Alps

Today was a beautiful, sunny day in Klosters. It was foggy early but lifted by midday. I decided to hit the walking trail..not hiking, my running shoes weren’t up to the task.

The tourist info office gave me good advice, take the team up the mountain (included in with the guest card provided by my hotel), then I took the panorama walking trail, about a 2 1/2 hour walk above the valley to Davos Dorf.

I tried this once before but got lost. This time I got on the right trail and it was a nice walk, and I knew I was on the right trail (not too difficult) when I ran into: an elderly nun, a mom with her 4 year old, various families with up to 5 kids, some in strollers, graybeards (literally),women in their Sunday best, and a couple, each of whom had a child in a backpack.. Not infants either!

I stopped a lot to take photos and once for lunch at a restaurant at the bottom of a large chairlift. (excellent tomato soup), and passing on French fries is easy when a small portion is $8.50!

There were a lot of cows by the restaurant, all had on bells and they made a lovely racket!

The scenery was stunning, postcard ( or poster) worthy. I had my big camera and took I am sure, hundreds of photos.

When I reached the end, above Davos, I took the funicular down, a bus to The train station and the train to Klosters, all included in my guest card.

It was a nice end to my visit to Switzerland.

A few photos below, most are still on my disk.





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  1. Thanks so much for a lovely tour of Switzerland’s beautiful scenes. When I was there many, many years ago with my husband, I noted that the cow bells were all in musical scyn. Lovely photos, Carolyn. Good luck in your next tournament. rita

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