Wednesday Final

The Bordeaux tournament doesn’t fool around..Lyn Mortimer (Australia) and I are already into the singles final, and afterwards will play doubles together.

I played Sylvie from France today. She’s a pretty good player, won the Cognac Grade 2 last week, and is fast. However she was erratic and I won 61 60. Lyn played Sylvia from Austria and put down a double bagel on the #11 ranked 60s player.

These courts are a bit quicker than Essen though the balls are similar to Essen, heavy and hard. I had good hits with Chris French (GBR) and Shirley the TD today so should be ready for tomorrow.. fingers crossed.

After playing I went to get laundry soap from the Carrefours Cite down the street. Walking down the street one would never expect to see a grocery store till suddenly it’s there, full of Baguettes 🥖, cheese, carrot salad, chocolate and more.

My clothes are washing for hours apparently as I found the washing machine confusing to use. Hopefully the come out ok as I am out of clothes!

Draws are here

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  1. I’d love to do what you do all over Europe even though I wouldn’t have quite your winning record If you could plan out something for next year I’d be happy to be your laundress Dorothy Wasser

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