Werzer Cup Final Matches; European Regional Championships Draws

Rafa, 12 French Opens; Dominic Thiem…fought so hard. I enjoyed listening the to the French Open final on Radio Roland Garros (Via Tuned In’s ATP Radio station, it’s great), while watching Eurosport. So much easier to watch when you are in the same time zone. Today was a pretty mellow day…watched some seniors tennis, watched Rafa/Thiem, recovery massage etc. Back to practicing tomorrow with Laura Vittori from Italy, then I play my first round of the next tournament Tuesday.

The Werzer Cup finished today with a few singles matches (men’s singles of course on center court while the women were on a side court, that’s the way it goes here). Even when the 50s women’s final featured a fine Austrian player…

Sabine Schmitz and Gundi Weiland won the 60 doubles quite easily today. Gundi teamed with Canada’s Keith Porter to win the 60 mixed. Taras Beyko, Canada, won the men’s 50s. Ted Bowen, USA (whom I just met…he’s from Ft. Lauderdale and has been playing tennis only 5 years!) won the 75 mixed with Kim Blackburn from Australia. That’s about it for North American winners (along with King Van Nostrand, 85 singles and doubles, and Dave Van Den Berg and Karl Placek, M75 doubles).

Sabine Schmitz & Gundi Weiland, left, W60 doubles champions

The European Regional Championships begin tomorrow and I play on Tuesday morning. In my division, the players are pretty similar except Sabine Schmitz has gone home. The 60 singles draw is below and the rest of the draws are here.

Draws are here.  (Werzer Cup)

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