World Championships: Links, Photos

Alice Marble Cup, W60

Kitty Godfree Cup, W65

Althea Gibson Cup, W70

Queens Cup, W75

Doris Hart Cup, W80

Von Cramm Cup, M60

Britannia Cup, M65

Jack Crawford Cup, M70

Bitsy Grant Cup, M75

Gardnar Mulloy Cup, M80

Link to Individual World Championships (once posted, probably on Friday or Saturday, 14 or 15 of September)

Photos from Croatia

The USA is seeded #1 in all Cups except the Kitty Godfree (seeded #3), Doris Hart (seeded #2) and Jack Crawford Cups (seeded #2). Play starts tomorrow; all USA teams which are in groups of 3 have a day off tomorrow. Britannia and Gibson Cups play for sure. USA is in Group A of all Cups except Godfree (Group C), and Hart and Crawford (Group B). The first 3 days are RR and then the knockout portion of the draws begin.

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