Monday Results from Croatia, ITF World Team Championships

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USA Results/Tuesday Schedule (all matches begin at 10am CET)

Alice Marble Cup: W60s: USA had a bye today, plays Spain tomorrow

Kitty Godfree Cup, W65s: USA had a bye, plays Turkey tomorrow

Althea Gibson Cup, W70: USA beat Sweden today, losing only 5 games in three matches; Lurline Fujii combined with Charleen Hillebrand to make her very successful Cup debut (they won 60 60); Cathie Anderson won at #2 singles and Donna Fales at #1 singles.

Queens Cup, W75: USA had a bye today, and play NZ tomorrow. NZ lost 2/1 today to Australia, taking only the doubles point.

Doris Hart Cup, W80: USA had a bye today, and they play a tough So African team tomorrow. They are in a tough group, as NZ is the third team and very strong in the 80s.

Von Cramm Cup, M60: USA had a bye today. USA play Ireland tomorrow. Ireland fell 2/1 to Finland today.

Britannia Cup, M65: USA had a bye today. USA play Estonia tomorrow. Estonia beat Ireland 2/1 today.

Jack Crawford Cup, M70: USA had a bye today. USA plays Ireland tomorrow. Ireland was a 2/1 winner over Turkey today.

Bitsy Grant Cup, M75: USA played host nation Croatia today and dropped only three games in three matches in their win. Lester Sack played #1 singles, Herm Ahlers played #2 singles and Jim Nelson/Larry Sears won the doubles point.  Tomorrow they play Argentina.

Gardnar Mulloy Cup, Men’s 80s: USA had a bye today. Tomorrow they play Netherlands, which has a very strong team.

I was at Camp Parc Umag all day today, watching men’s 65 & 60s matches. It is a camping park, and also has mobile homes, right by the beach, with lots of activities, as well as facilities to shower, clean dishes, restaurants, and of course tennis. On the other hand, they charge about $3 per half hour to hit against a wall!

After I returned I rented a bike and biked around the area for a while. The sunset was nice. Here are a few photos of the day.

Starred photos-013  Starred photos-016 Starred photos-018IMG_1145 IMG_1274 Starred photos-015

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