World Championships: USA Round Robin Opponents & Seeds Posted.

Dori DeVries/Roz King, W85; Mark Vines, Adam (USTA), Don Long; George McCabe M85 & Bob Quall M80; Austrian 65 and Carolyn; USA W65, Nichols, Barker, Wright, Jackson; Sheila Weinstock, W80

Boynton Beach, FL

Team USA players are here.

Photos are here.

Draws are here.

More about the opening ceremonies

The captains’ meetings are ongoing but some of the draws have been made, and information given out.

General Information:

  • Cups to be played at Boynton Beach Tennis Center: W 70/75/80 Cups, Gibson/Queens/Hart; matches begin at 11:30am and warm up at 10:30 and 10:55 for 20 minutes
  • Cups to be played at the Club at Quail Ridge: W65/85 & M65
  • Cups to be played at Coral Lakes; M80/85
  • Cups to be played in Boca Raton at Boca West : M70/75

Medal Ceremonies will be held at each of the individual venues around 7:30pm on Friday

Gift Bags for players from organizers (including t-shirts) will be handed out at each individual venue tomorrow.

Draws will be posted by ITF by 7:30pm tonight

Opening Ceremonies are at 5pm today followed by a cocktail party.

Team USA info: Adam Hutchinson from the USTA arrived with player gifts…find him to get player-player gifts. He will be the one handing out bags from the back of a van (only towels and flags etc though…nothing illicit!).

Women’s 65 Draw:

  • Seeds are 1: USA; 2: France; 3: Germany; 4: Great Britain
  • USA is in a three group round robin with Portugal and Austria. We play Portugal tomorrow and Austria on Monday. We have Tuesday off.
  • If we win the round robin, we play the winner of Group C which has #3 seeded Germany, Argentina and So Africa in the semis of the knockout draw.
  • France is in a RR group with Canada and Brazil; GBR has Australia and Netherlands

W70 Draw:

  • There are 7 teams
  • USA is the top seed and in a three team RR with Great Britain and Sweden
  • USA plays Sunday and Monday
  • Germany is the 2nd seed

W75 Draw:

  • Seeds are France, USA, Great Britain and Netherlands
  • USA is in a four team round robin with Argentina, Chile and Canada (and all American group)
  • France has Brazil and Sweden
  • GBR and NED are in a RR group with Switzerland and So Africa

W 80 Draw:

  • Seeds are Germany and France
  • USA is in a group with France and Great Britain (Cathie Anderson is the captain picked the chips which resulted in this draw.) They came to compete.

W85 Draw:

  • Three teams Argentina, USA & Gr Britain
  • Round Robin format

M 65 Draw:

  • USA is the top seed
  • USA is in a RR with Spain and Turkey and plays Spain (who won it last year) first round!

M 70 Draw:

  • Seeds are USA, Australia
  • Uruguay and Great Britain are in the USA flight
  • Seeds were changed due to a French player having Covid.

M75 Draw:

  • Seeds are Spain, USA, France, Italy
  • USA is in a RR group with Zimbabwe and Switzerland

M 80 Draw:

  • Seeds are Italy, USA, Chile, Great Britain.
  • USA is in a RR group with Canada and France

M85 Draw:

  • There are four teams, Great Britain, USA, Argentina, Denmark
  • Round Robin will be played

Captains’ meeting for M65/W85/M80/M85 going on now. I will update this later.

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