World Individual Championships Day 4, Helsinki: Vesna Goes Down

The Individual World Championships Round of 16 were played today in Helsinki. There were winners and losers among the Americans today. Draws:

Vesna McKenna was playing a great match today against Carole DeBruin, the 6th seed from Netherlands till 4-4 in the third. That was when she (unsuccessfully) tried to slide on the hard court, her foot stuck, and she went down (and out of the match and the tournament)  with an injured hamstring and adductor. Fortunately there were the following on site: a tournament doctor, great trainer,  Erin Boynton (an orthopedic doctor) and Carole (a family doctor). Between them they got her off the court. A few beers and some painkillers later, Vesna was still hurting but able to walk home carrying her bags. She will  be out of commission for a few months.

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Vicki Buholz played an excellent match against Ros Balodis today, but came up just a bit short, losing 75 64. In the second set Vicki was down 52, but caught up to 54 and had a point for 5-5 before Ros prevailed.

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Susan Wright played Betty Michel from France for the second time in a week and beat her for the second time in a week. Then she combined with Vicki to win a first round doubles match.

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Erin Boynton fell to Leanne Swaysland and lost 64 63 but was happy about her play. She put aside her singles disappointment and with Aussie Wanda Howes reached the doubles quarterfinal.

I won my singles 60 60 and then Una Davis and I practiced in the afternoon. There’s a red clay court outside the indoor building and I was eyeing the players there enviously. Then we went indoors and workers were doing maintenance on the roof which kept opening and closing, casting shadows on the indoor court. So we moved courts and so did the workers! We got a good hit in anyway and are ready for our first match tomorrow. We play two So African players who were on their 60s Cup team.


Wendy McColskey upset the #4 seed from So Africa 62 61; Sherri Bronson fell to Jana Sedlakova from Czech Republic; Tina Karwasky blanked Jenny Cerff from So Africa and Judy Newman fell to the #3 seed in three sets in the 50s. Shelly Works also went down in singles today. Ross Persons from Houston upset the top seed from Brazil today in three sets.He has a busy rest of the tournament as he is also playing mixed and doubles. Mike Tammen survived a tough one and joins Mike Fedderly in the 55 quarters. Mitch Perkins is in the quarters of the 50s.

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