Rainy, Lazy Day in Helsinki

Today, Monday was an off day for me, but my flat mates all had matches and Susan, Erin, Vicki and Vesna all won today. I hit in the morning with Susan. We heard this loud noise, then noticed the roof was being opened. Next thing we knew, a tennis ball fell down and hit Erin and certainly startled her! I then went with Susan, Vicki and Erin to find the correct bus to take them the tennis center. After several inquiries we found it. The weather turned cold and it was starting to rain, so I loaned my warm up to Erin. She’s about 8 inches taller than me (20cm) so the pants fit perfectly for a rainy day! (floods). I sent them on their way with a list of the stops and apparently they mDe it, since they won their matches.

I walked quickly back to the apartment, put on warm clothes and headed out in the rain. I had to find a new camera lens since I dropped and broke mine. The Finnish people were really helpful and I found the correct camera store and bought a used lens. After hitting a cool Marimeko store (they are everywhere), and going grocery shopping, it’s nice to relax. 

Grocery shopping can be an adventure here.. When the Swedish is the most understandable language on the package. There seem to be a 100 ways to prepare salmon and we have been eating lots of it. The apples though are not good. Not the season but in season fruit is quite expensive, $5 for a small cantaloupe for example. There are also a 100 different types of flat breads. Dr. Atkins would not fare well here! Licorice is a national candy.

I play tomorrow at 10:30, R16, still no doubles.


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