Young Cup Falls to Italy

Friday Young Cup Blog, From Rachel Gale

Friday, May 1st
USA vs. Italy
Our #2 singles player, Renata, played against Federica Bonsignori of Italy.  We had a rain delay this morning and finally got on the clay courts at 12:45pm.  It was still raining lightly when Renata started her match.  As the match went on the rain subsided and the wind began to swirl on the court.  Renata was playing a very experienced clay court player in Federica.  While Renata tried everything she could with her heavy topspin and crafty drop shots it was not enough for Federica who won the 1st set 6-0.  Then Renata was grinding for each point (which you have to do to play well against Federica) and she won the 2nd game of the 2nd set to make the score 1-1.  It was to no avail as Federica defeated Renata 6-1 in the 2nd set.  I am very proud of Renata’s fight on the court and as always how respectful of her opponent she was!
Our #1 singles player, Vesna, played against Anna Maria Cecchini of Italy.  Anna Maria is another very experienced clay court player.  At this point the wind was swirling on the court.   Vesna did not have an answer for Anna Maria’s shots until being down 0-5 when she fought to win a game.  Anna Maria went on to win the 1st set 6-1.  Vesna was doing everything she could to stay in the points dealing with the wind and the shots of Anna Maria.  Vesna ended up losing the 2nd set 6-1.  Again I was very proud of Vesna’s fight as well as her great sportsmanship on and off the court! 
Both Vesna and Renata are wonderful team mates to have and now they are getting pumped up to play against Spain for 3rd and 4th place tomorrow!!
In the Doubles match, Rachel & Carolyn were going to play but Italy decided not to play because it was too windy.  Therefore Italy beat the USA 2-0.  Rachel and Carolyn are both very excited about our match tomorrow for 3rd and 4th playoff!
A quick thank you to Carolyn Wei for being such a great supporter of our singles players throughout this week! 

Today I interviewed Carolyn Wei.
Carolyn is participating in her 2nd World Team Championships Event.  In April 2007 she played on the Suzanne Lenglen Cup (women’s 35’s) in Antalya, Turkey. 
What do you do for a living?
I am a systems engineer at a software start-up company called “Big Fix” in Emeryville, CA.  Carolyn feels very fortunate to have this job because she “Loves what she does”.   Not everyone can say that about their job, Good for you Carolyn!
Are you having fun with your teammates?
Absolutely!  This is my best team experience ever!  The group of guys (men’s 45’s team) and girls are very friendly.  We hang out together, support each other both on and off the court!
Are there any foods you miss from America?
YES!  I miss my Mom’s cooking! J However, I do love the French rolls, Serrano ham and tomatoes as well as the honey dew melon and navel oranges.
I also miss my sister, parents, friends and my two cats: Creamy and Gizmo!
It has been a really good experience to get to know my team members better.   I think having 2 cups together playing at the same venue is better than having all the cups playing at the same venue.  I have been having a lot of fun all week long.  I have also enjoyed getting to know other players from the other countries.  I feel that Rachel has been the best captain and I appreciate all she had done for our team as does Renata and Vesna!  Thank you Rachel J 
Overall this has been an amazing experience!

By: Rachel Gale, Captain, USA Young Cup Team

The Young Cup team plays Spain tomorrow for 3rd.

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