Young Seniors (35, 40 & 45 age divisions) International Team Competition: USA Teams and Results

Age Division Women’s Cup Name Draws Men’s Cup Name Draws
35 Suzanne Lenglen All Draws
USA is in RR Group D
Italia All Draws
USA is in RR Group A
40 Young All Draws
USA is in RR Group D
Tony Trabert All Draws
USA is in RR Group B
45 Margaret Court All Draws
USA is in RR Group B
Dubler All Draws
USA is in RR Group D


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Important Links

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Blog Articles:

Young Seniors Team Championships Wrap
USA Lenglen Cup Team Falls 2/1 in Semis; Young & Court Cups Advance Thursday Day 5 First Update
USA Dubler Cup Team Falls in QF to Netherlands on Wednesday Day 4

Young Cup Team Beats Germany, to Play for Fifth on Tuesday Day 3
USA Advances to Medal Round in Lenglen Cup on Tuesday Day 3
Tuesday May 3: USA Dubler Team Advances to Quarterfinals; Court Cup Falls to Uruguay

Monday May 2: USA Lenglen & Dubler Cup Teams Advance on Day 2

Sunday May 1: USA Teams Go Undefeated on Day 1 I Umag

Saturday April 30 Blog Article. Draws posted and opening ceremonies.
USTA Link to list of Young Seniors USA Players

Fact Sheets for Young Seniors (accommodation information for teams and individuals): note that venues are now listed:

ATP Stadium Umag* – Italia Cup (M35), Tony Trabert Cup (M40) TC Umag* – Italia Cup (M35), Tony Trabert Cup (M40)

TC Punta – Young Cup (W40)

Umag Tennis Academy (Katoro) – Dubler Cup (M45), Margaret Court Cup (W45)

Umag Tennis Academy (Polynesia) – Suzanne Lenglen Cup (W35)

Photo album (more photos will be added during the team event)

Participating Teams

List of players:


The 2016 ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships will be held May 1-6 in Umag, Croatia.

The following players will be representing the U.S.A  in the competition. Order of strength and lineups subject to change, click here for latest lineups and order of strength.

Italia Cup – Men’s 35

Ross DuncanTepes, MarkAlex WongMarcio Pepe

Duncan, Tepes, Wong and Pepe above.

  1. Stuart Ross Duncan, Laguna Beach, CA (Captain)
  2. Mark Tepes, Medford, NJ
  3. Alex Wong, Newton, MA
  4. Marcio Pepe, Laguna Hills, CA


Trabert Cup – Men’s 40

Tony Bujan  Michael ChangGroer, Chris  Jared Jacobs 

Bujan, Chang Groer and Jacobs above.

  1. Tony Bujan, Tustin, CA
  2. Michael Chang, Anaheim, CA (Captain)
  3. Chris Groer, Knoxville, TN
  4. Jared Jacobs, Scottsdale, AZ (replaced Guillaume Gauthier who withdrew from team)


Dubler Cup – Men’s 45

Ricardo Mena Collins, Eoin Dann, WillieKuchta, Kamil

Mena, Collins and Dann above.

  1. Ricardo Mena, Key Biscayne, FL
  2. Eoin Collins, Houston, TX (Captain)
  3. Willie Dann, Denver, CO
  4. Kamil Kuchta, Boynton Beach, FL (replaced Oren Motevassel who withdrew from team_


Suzanne Lenglen Cup – Women’s 35

Katerina Stanfordstarredphotos005_thumb.jpgYulia Bolotova Smashey portrait

Hillard, Stanford,  Bolotova & Smashey above.

  1. Nancy Hilliard, Corpus Christi, TX
  2. Katerina Stanford, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (Captain)
  3. Yulia Bolotova, Philadelphia, PA
  4. Kaysie Smashey, San Angelo, TX


Young Cup – Women’s 40

Bruetting, Simona  Jennifer DawsonMichel, Mercedes

Trish Riddell

Bruetting, Dawson, Michel and Riddell above.

  1. Simona Bruetting, Highlands Ranch, CO (Captain)
  2. Jennifer Dawson, Carlsbad, CA
  3. Mercedes Michel,
  4. Trish Riddell, Lakeland, FL

Margaret Court Cup – Women’s 45

Julie Cass   Watanabe, Jolene Debbie Spence-NasimFinerman, Alissaw45 official photo

Cass, Watanabe, Spence-Nasim and Finerman above.

  1. Julie Cass, Austin, TX
  2. Jolene Watanabe, Hilton Head Island, SC (Captain)
  3. Debbie Sepnce-Nasim, Carlsbad, CA
  4. Alissa Finerman, Santa Monica, CA

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