Zerdan Claims 35 Singles Title; Meredith Walton/Julie Scott Thu Win 35 Doubles Crown

Patricia Zerdan, saying that she felt no pressure this year as she was playing “down” into the 35s (she’s 40) won the 35s singles title in Houston, beating Meredith Walton, the giant slayer, in the final in straight sets. Walton had a terrific tournament, upsetting the #3 and #1 seeds en route to the final. Walton and former Stanford star Julie Scott Thu won the doubles crown in three sets over top-seeded Simona Bruetting and Gee Gee Garvin. In singles, Thu beat Bruetting in two close sets to take the bronze while in doubles, Tammy Morris/Jennifer Toney took the bronze.

There were also a number of consolation finals to be played. Erin Boynton reported that she lost to Ann Pellow in three sets; Pellow won the first set and Boynton the second, outdoors on clay and at 3/2, Boynton leading, it began to rain, the match was moved indoors and Pellow adjusted well, winning four straight games. Morris/Emily Schaefffer won the 45 doubles consolation. Molly Hahn/Vicky McEvoy won the 65 doubles consolation and Kathy Langer/Lyn Tietz were 5th in the 75 doubles (by default over O’Sullivan/Shields). The rest of the consolation matches were played earlier in the week or were defaults.

Burnett Herrick won the 75 consolation by default over Nanda Fischer (who lost to Herrick in the main draw); Andrea Rice beat Anna Zimmermann on Saturday to place 5th in the 45s.

This is the best senior tournament. I can’t say enough times what a nice event it is and each year it gets better and better. Sue Bramlette and Cathy Lassiter (TDs), Judy Job (handles the checks, photos and more) and Harriett Hulbert (referee) are the core of an outstanding tournament committee. In addition to a beautiful venue, the tournament provided to every player breakfast, lunch, 2 dinners, t-shirts, hats and other items in a “goodie bag” and Texas sized hospitality. The tournament’s attention to detail is amazing. A huge thank you to Sue, Cathy, Harriett, Judy, the tournament committee, the Houston Racquet Club and its members for a great tournament.

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35Singles: Patricia Zerdan

35 Doubles: Meredith Walton/Julie Scott Thu

45 Singles: Jolene Watanabe

45 Doubles: Julie Cass/Vesna McKenna

55 Singles: Susan Wright

55 Doubles: Carolyn Nichols/Susan Wright

65 Singles: Martha Downing

65 Doubles: Kathy Bennett/Martha Downing

75 Singles: Roz King

75 Doubles: Dori deVries/Roz King    

85 Singles: Rita Price

85 Doubles: Jane Lutz/Rita Price

Jolene Trophy Susan TrophyRoz with trophy DSC02585  DSC0258455 Final doublesDSC02596DSC02587DSC02598

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  1. Langer and Tietz won conso 75 d. O’Sullivan and Shields went home on Sat. Good report otherwise!

    Kathy Langer 214-536-9333


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