Adios Mallorca, Hello Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal

I left Mallorca early this morning and flew via Madrid to Lisbon. The view from the air was fantastic. The only worrisome part of the flight was that just as the plane was approaching the airport, it aborted the landing and circled again, but the landing, while rough, was adequate.

The airport was packed. I got an Uber to my hotel. At least for now, after you arrange the Uber, they tell you to go down to the departures level and cross the street to a temporary and very busy parking area. The first Uber driver left me (I saw him just as he took off). But the second driver found me, and the hotel.

I checked in, and then wandered around Lisbon for a while, though I didn’t go to any of the big sights…I’m sure we’ll do that as a team. I had lunch at a local restaurant which was packed with business people and the menu was largely seafood. I had some fish, then started walking around. The tiles on the exterior of some buildings was very pretty.

I found a gigantic El Corte Ingles…in size it rivaled the Macy’s in midtown NYC. Of course I had to find the grocery store there and found the peanut butter I was searching for, so I’m happy.

Judging by the items in the store, both Iberico ham and seafood of every type are popular here. I even saw a ham leg in a wooden crate which looked like a casket for the very expensive pork.

I used the metro to go back from El Corte Ingles to my hotel. And before I had ever bought I ticket I showed some French tourists how to buy the ticket and a ride (you have to buy a card for 50 cents then you add money to the card, sort of like an Oyster card in London (though not as sturdy). Then I got my card and was on my way!

My hotel has a very nice view from the top which I enjoyed in the evening.

Susan Wright and Jenny Cerff arrive tomorrow and Diane Barker and Robin Harris the next day…let the games begin.

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