Americans in Christchurch, World Championships

The Individual World Championships began Sunday in Christchurch.
The women’s 70s team has fared well there, causing three upsets already: Burnette Herrick upset  the 3rd seed and top Aussie player, Margaret Robinson in 3 sets; Roz King ousted the 7th seed, Inge Weber in straight sets and Carol Wood took out the 8th seed, Nora Collins in straight sets. By the way, Dorothy Matthiessen told me Saturday that her teammates could beat any of the seeds and she was right. Those 3 join the top 2 seeds, deVries and Mathiessen in the quarters.
Brenda Carter, women’s 60s is in the quarters; The entire 65 team from the USA plus NSWTA member Heide Orth are in the quarters of the 65s; and Mary Boswell and Louise Russ are in the quarters of the 75s. Rita Price, USA has reached the semis in the women’s 80s.
The men’s 60s team, including Hugh Thomson,Jimmy Parker and Michael Beautyman are all out to the round of 16, led by Brian Cheney.
Fred Drilling, Rudy Hernando both reaqched the round of 16 in the men’s 65s; Del Cambell was upset.
In the men’s 70s, Gordon Davis, Bob Duesler and Herm Ahlers have reached the third round, as have Chuck Devoe, George McCabe and Thomas Springer in the men’s 75s.
Graydon Nichols and Tony Franco, Men’s 80s are in the 2nd round along with Bill Tully.
Bob Sherman is in the semis of the men’s 85s.

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