Arrival in Croatia (Sept 6)

I am writing Croatia yesterday after an overnight flight from New York. This time my flights were mostly on time, my luggage arrived, & the ITF picked me up pretty much on time. In fact the flight from Munich to Trieste was so quiet that I slept the entire time and thought we were still on the ground in Munich when in fact we had already arrived in Italy.

Kathy Langer, and I got a ride to our hotel in Novigrad, which is just south of Umag, Croatia. We had lunch by the beach. We found out that toast TOS T, is white bread with cheese and ham, toasted in a panini press. A hamburger is a hamburger.

I did unfortunately catch a bad cold in New York but my ears survived the flight and I’m on the mend. One weird thing about the hotels here, is that there’s no tissue to be found anywhere in the hotel. You have to go outside or into the souvenir shops to buy any.

In Novigrad today, I hit a few tennis balls with the women’s 75’s team and we did slow walk into Novigrad a formerly walled city in the Istria Province of Croatia. We had A light lunch looking over the Adriatic Sea which is extremely blue and very beautiful.

Kathy and Dori dropped me off at the Umag stadium today. That’s what the opening ceremony will be held, Sunday. We picked up our credentials, and took some photos from the stadium.



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