Super Senior USA Tennis Teams Victorious on Wednesday, All 10 Teams into the Playoff Rounds for Gold

USA Team Opponent #1 Singles #2 Singles Doubles Comments
Alice Marble Finland Tina Karwasky Mary Ginnard Martha Downing/Toni Novack USA won 3/0; Day off on Thursday, play winner of Australia/GBR Friday
Kitty Godfree Sweden Brenda Carter Carol Clay Betty Wachob/Leslie Pixley USA won 3/0; Clay dropped first set; USA plays Netherland in QF of playoff tomorrow
Althea Gibson Norway Donna Fales Cathie Anderson Lurline Fujii/Charleen Hillebrand USA won 3/0 Fales finished just before 3 hour rain delay; play Spain on Friday
Queens Australia Dorothy Matthiessen Dori deVries Kathy Langer/Lyn Tietz USA won 3/0; play next on Friday; 3 team round robin with RSA/GER for Cup
Doris Hart Australia Lucille Kyvallos Jane Lutz Margaret Canby/Joyce Jones USA plays Netherland in first match of 3 team playoff for gold (Thursday)
Von Cramm Finland Paul Wulf Tony Dawson Larry Turville/Wesley Jackson play winner of Canada/Sweden tomorrow after that match finishes (#2 singles on court)
Britannia Ireland Brian Cheney Armistead Neely Jimmy Parker/Richard Johnson USA ;lays GBR tomorrow in the quarters
Crawford Turkey Allan Carter Rudy Hernando Fred Drilling/Tom Brunkow USA lost 1 game; play Netherlands tomorrow I think, in the quarters
Bitsy Grant Switzerland Larry Sears Herm Ahlers Lester Sack/Jim Nelson USA won 3/0, lost 3 games; play GBR on Friday in semis
Gardnar Mulloy Norway George McCabe Saul Snyder John Powless/Joe Russell USA won 3/0; play France on Friday

The weather turned poor today; lots of rain, thunder and lightning in Umag.I got stuck at the club within sight of my hotel for 30 minutes after watching the end of a match (delayed by rain at 5-6, deuce in the third set of the deciding doubles…Finland ended up beating Austria), by lightning). It was windy too. The USA men’s 60s team has to wait for Canada and Sweden to finish their 2nd singles and possibly doubles before they can play their QF match tomorrow. Weather is iffy tomorrow early, then better later.

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