Au Revoir Canada

Today is a travel day, from Canada to the USA.

Before leaving Mont Tremblant I took one last small walk through the woods. The day began dry but the weather quickly deteriorated first to a light rain, then to what looked to be an all day rain. (When Canada speaks of “going green” I didn’t know it meant nonstop rain!).

After organizing myself and the condo I rented for departure I decided to finally look around the complex…I found the swimming pool, and a hiking trail that was quite lovely…it’s too bad I didn’t find it earlier, though it looked like heaven for the biting bugs so maybe it was for the best.

I drove to Montreal Airport, a ride that should take around 90-100 minutes…it took over two hours due to heavy traffic, though my navigation app skirted me around some of it. However, returning the rental car was a snap since the rental return location is right next to the terminal. Check-in was easy too once I was redirected from what appeared to be the Air Canada Check-in to the USA check-in on the opposite side of the airport. After going through security I cleared customs here in Canada instead of in the USA which is great, and I was able to use Global Entry so clearing customs took only minutes. I did not have to show either a vaccination card (which I did have ready, but being a US Citizen it wasn’t necessary) or a negative covid test.

I saw this antique in the Montreal Airport

Now to sit back, enjoy my six hour flight!

Update..though I had no customs’ issues and most people allowed time to get through customs, 25+ did not…or perhaps were on a delayed connecting flight…so we are all delayed by half an hour. Not as stressful for us as for them but one of the smaller travel inconveniences. And Canada, get your Custom’s situation in hand!

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